Working dogs are vital to our livestock farms and also to protect our homes. It has been said these dogs are worth their weight in gold. And they are! As a kid on the ranch our neighboring ranchers had coyotes killing calves as they were being born. These dogs would have been work a million dollars!

We had another neighbor who had a guy try to steal gas from their large gas bulk tank. The neighbor’s dog put a stop to this theft immediately. We too have had situations where our dogs were worth every penny to our home and ranch.

What types of dogs are we registering for you?

  • Guard your home
  • Guard and protect your herd or flock, and considers your herd as its family
  • Herding dogs

Many of the guard dogs have natural guarding instincts. They also often need to be trained. We will be showing demonstrations of trainings in some of our pages.


Large Guard Dog (Livestock)