Registrations of animals are an very important part of showing that animals are a pure breed and keeping lineages straight.  We are striving to keep the gene pool of the SCI from being lost. The San Clemente Island Goats are a breed with special genetic traits, separate from other goat breeds.  We will try to describe some of those soon.  Another very important part of keeping the gene pool from being lost is farm records.

Farm Records

That being said, farm records and pedigrees ‘are not’  registrations.  They are a list/record in hard copy (paper and pencil) or electronic of specific information such as:

  • Full Names
  • Date of birth
  • Mating dates if possible
  • Whom is mated with whom
  • Death dates
  • Sale and purchase dates and to whom
  • Bill of Sale and transfer records
  • Breeding Memos


Form Name

Form in pdf

Transfer – Bill of SaleTransfer_IGSCRRev
Breeding Memo (used when the sire is owned by someone else, other than dam owner)
Authorization to Register SCI Goat

Registration Process

At any rate, we have specific criteria in registering animals; San Clemente included. These requirements are to protect the Breeder, Owner and IGSCR from liability and also to ensure accuracy of the registration.  As such, supporting documents need to be sent to the IGSCR office via hard copy or email (  the

Application Process

These things must be completed for registration to occur.

  • Breeder must have a Herd Name/Animal ID registered with IGSCR office and be a current member. A few exceptions may be allowed
  • Application for Registration submitted by Breeder prior to registration
    Note 1: If Breeder supplies information to IGSCR office that they have sold this animal to the Owner trying to register the animal, then the Owner may complete the original Registration application
    Note 2: For the San Clement Island Project only (Project: attempt to collect and register all purebred SCI, so as to collect and preserve all the bloodlines, lineages and animals), IDGR office will also accept someone else registering the animals, provided the IGSCR office has the signed Authorization to Register SCI Goat form which is signed by the breeder.  A few exceptions may be allowed. Again, this is to protect us all from liability and ensure accuracy.
    Note 3: In a few cases, because the SCI situation is a rare situation, we may in some cases register a SCI animal as a Temporary registration until the Breeder submits the application himself. This is very rare and individual situation.
  • Fees for registration must be paid prior to registration via check/money order to IGSCR and mailed to IGSCR PO Box 462 Goshen UT 84633 or electronic payment to:
  • IGSCR will complete the registration, doing necessary pedigree research if necessary.  If costs are required to obtain pedigree information, the applicant will be notified prior to these costs being made that he/she is required to pay those costs
  • IGSCR office will email a copy of the registration certificate, prior to mailing out the registration certificate to applicant

Supporting Documents

These documents must be sent to IGSCR office, prior to registration being complete.  Also some form of permanent animal ID must accompany the Registration Application.

  • If an animal is transferred from another registry (this would not currently apply for SCI goats), then a copy of the other registry’s registration certificate required.
  • Clear photo required of animal
  • If applicable, Transfer-Bill of sale
  • If applicable, Breeding Memo
  • Valid pedigree information from Breeder if IGSCR office does not already have the pedigree information on file.
    Note 1:  IGSCR does not register based upon internet family trees, because there is no way of knowing its accuracy. Our registrations are done with our source from the breeder or authorized agent or if available/applicable, another registry’s pedigree/registration certificate information.  This is to ensure accuracy.  We, as a registry adhere to strict accuracy policy to ensure accuracy of your records.
    Note 2: With the new SCI pedigree/registration process, we will accept for registration animals not being registered directly  by the breeder, provided (hopefully, although exceptions may be made without a doubt) the Authorization to Register SCI Goat form is signed and dated by the Breeder.  Also the IDGR office would like to be able to verify the pedigree against supporting documents. We like a verification for all certificates for any breed.  Re: Two eyes are better than one.  LOL.   Speak with IGSCR office for more information. eg/ (Breeder’s agent fills out pedigree information that was then entered into a pedigree database, a copy of the original pedigree information must be sent to IGSCR office)** This is a very special circumstance for the SCI project
  • We are awaiting test for breed purity to be created by an outside DNA test office. If a SCI has no pedigree, but is not a Foundation goat, then if a SCI goat has record from the DNA test office of purity, the animal will be accepted for registration without pedigree information, provided our office has a copy of the purity validation.
  • Parentage problems.  If the goat has question of parentage, then DNA Parentage Test must be completed prior to registration, and IGSCR office must have a copy of that proof of parentage.

Summary of Registration Application Process



Step 1: Ensure Breeder is a current member, or the fee for animal Registration is double the member fee
Step 2: Have Herd Name/Permanent ID registerred with IGSCR  (one time registration and fee is $10
Step 3: Complete animal registration form
Step 4: Ensure IGSCR has applicable supporting documents

Filling Out Animal Registation Application


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