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This is a brief history of each of the bloodlines.  And is mostly all the information I have, there is more about the Tepper line and white goats, but I don’t think it needs to be written here.


These are the Foundation Bloodlines, meaning they started with goats straight off the island.

USA Bloodlines and Gene Pools

  • AHRENSBERG – was based out of CA but line has since moved to Grace Heritage Ranch in TX. This is our rarest line.  It requires very careful breeding to ensure the genetics are not lost or destroyed.
  • EARTH SPIRIT – from Larry Warren are the Earth Spirit line. Larry Warren got them from Garry Warren, who had them hand-picked for color by Phyllis Larsen and Diane Nelson, who drove them to Garry Warren’s aunt’s house, bypassing the Fund for Animals adoption camp. see below
  • NELLIE-GAIL – another CA line that is critical. But the great attribute of this line is their udders. Two teated. Perfect for milkers.
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE – from Dave Adams, East Hill Farm and SVF (Swiss Village Farm Foundation) and Leslie Edmundson, Little River, in VA
  • PLIMOUTH – named after Plimoth Plantation in MA. The foundation stock is held by the park still and also Dave Harvey. This line has nice wide chests.  Peggy, not sure that Foundation Stock is held by the park at this point OR that Dave Harvey still has goats.
  • RIVETTI – from Mardi Rivetti ranch in CA. The Rivetti’s received their goats directly off the island 30 years ago and are still breeding. They bred for the traditional buckskin pattern and culled any variation. They have nice broad chests.  I believe John Carroll said that Rivetti breeds for darker red with black.  Maybe remove the description about what Rivetti bred for until verified.
  • TEPPER – Mr. Johnson in Maryland obtained his first SCI Goats in the early 80s. He received his original herd from a group of goats that were trucked to the east coast and obtained a group that was trucked to Northern Georgia in 1986. Based on early records, it is very likely that the Georgia herd he references in a 1986 letter was a part of the 83 SCI goats brought to the Truland Farm in Germantown, Maryland, and that Mr. Johnson received his original 12 goats from this herd. Sheri Tepper got goats from him and was in NM in the 1990s.  One buck in this herd was white, his name is Andre and he was registered by Mr. Johnson with the IDGR.  In 2007, when she sold her herd to Ron Wilson in South Carolina she had a number of white to cream SCI Goats. Per her 1994 letter, she line bred Andre and that would account for her white goats.




Tattoo or Herd ID

Known for

Code on Certificates
Thanks Laurel for all your work on the bloodlines and for creating the codes

AHRENSBERG lighter tan w/black A
NEW HAMPSHIRE Dave Adams, SVF & Leslie Edmundson EHF, SVF, Little River has ear tags starting with VADE
PLIMOUTH (Plantation) John Truleson
RIVETTI Marti Mardi Rivetti darker red w/black R
EARTH SPIRIT (Preserve) Truman Bernal

Larry Warren



TEPPER Sheri Tepper OK (ear tags)

Haystack is herdname


CANADIAN Bloodlines and Gene Pools

  • GIL –  Bernard Gil of Ontario runs this herd possibly under the name Alta Mesa. The BLAKE line from Milton Blake in NC,  was initially based in NC but the last of the Blake’s herd is gone, went to the Gil farm in Canada.
  • VANCOUVER ISLAND – The Vancouver Island line is owned by Marie Castro. She got goats directly off the island and has been breeding them ever since.

… Written by Laurel

Re:  Earth Spirit:  Revision – this is directly from a note from Leslie:

“LW” (Larry Warren) goats are from the Earth Spirit line. Truman Bernal (Earth Spirit Preserve) purchased some goats from Larry Warren, who got them from Garry Warren, who had them hand-picked for color by Phyllis Larsen and Diane Nelson, who drove them to Garry Warren’s aunt’s house, bypassing the Fund for Animals adoption camp.  Earth Spirit & Warren are combined, and Elizabeth Grazer-Lindsey took both foundation herds.

(I think Sarah Howell wrote this:) Earth Spirit / Warren. I combine these two for Elizabeth Grazer-Lindsey (OR), who took both foundation herds. 

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