Registration Species

We at International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry aka IDGR register various species of livestock.

  • Goats (Dairy, Fiber,  Meat and Rare Breed)
  • Sheep (Dairy, Fiber, Meat, Hair/Wool, Rare Breed)
  • Camelids (Llama and Aplaca

Open Herdbooks and Creating New Breeds

We also believe in ‘Open Herd Books‘ as in many cases there are new bloodlines surfacing and new breeds coming into the picture to better serve us. We are also finding older bloodlines surfacing and coming back to light.  Then in some cases, there are old established breeds who are coming into our lives, but have never been registered because there was no place for them in our modern registries. We at  IGSCR believe in having open herdbooks, because we believe that many of the breeds are actually closed prematurely, excluding bloodlines who are actually being lost. 

We believe in New accepting new breeds or in sometimes creating the first herdbook in America for species/breeds who have no place as of yet to be registered.  IDGR has long been the leader in doing much research and then opening the first herdbooks.  We have long been strict in obtaining accurate records and maintaining those records.

Species and Breeds Newly Created in Our Herdbooks


San Clementine Island Goat

These are a very special breed of goat who maintain genetics unique from other breeds. While there are some question as of yet of knowledge of where they actually came from, we first discovered them in the late 1970’s and 80’s on San Clemente Island. It is believe they lived there and took care of themselves for 1500 years.  We currently have a new project going on with the San Clemente Island goats to ensure all the bloodlines are not lost and to register all of them to ensure purity and maintenence of the lineages.  Some very special and hard working breeders are working overtime to obtain these records.


This is a breed created in Oct 2018 by one of our members; Deborah.  It is a cross between the Kiko and dairy breeds. One of the purposes of the breed is to lend hardiness to goat breeds, yet maintain breed good dairy.


We have heard this breed name so decided to adopt it as the cross between the Nubian and Saanen


LLe De France

This is a very special breed created in France for Meat.  They are fast sweeping the globe as a leader.  In early Nov 2018, IGSCR was approached by a long term USA breeder to ask if we would open a herdbook for the LLe De France sheep. He told me that they were imported into the USA from Canada, and been bred in the USA for 20 years with no registration.  These goats are purebreds. We at IGSCR are excited to open their new herdbook to promote, maintain records, register and help in any new programs desired by the breeders.  Thanks Jerome for asking us.