Many of our members are requesting shows.  We are in the process of setting up our judges and also shows.

Planned Shows

  1. Are you planning to participate in shows?  ie/ Private shows, 4H, State and County?  If so, contact us so we can get them IDGR Sanctioned.
  2. We are planning a summer 2018 online show for dairy goats…

So let us get those shows sanctioned

What does it mean to sanction a show?  Well, it means that the judges in that show agree to abide by IDGR rules and scorecards. It also means that the specific classes of animals and species wins will go towards Championship titles in International Gost, Sheep, Camelid Registry (IGSCR)

Download, fill out and send the forms to IDGR office:

Sanction FormJudges AgreementJudge’s WinsJudges Comments
Coming soon   


Show Programs

4H and Youth Programs

We want to extend an invitation to our youth, as they learn about animals, showing, and other classes.

If your youth are in 4H, we will give their goats a special award for their wins.

We plan to host an online set of shows this year for the youth in a few different classes, as well.

Special awards to our 2018 4H winners went out in 2018. 

Lets give a round of applause to our 4H children and their goats

Rustic Country Mocha Latte received one leg towards  4HCH title.  Mocha Latte’s handler received recognition for her other 4H achievements

Hidden Treasures Little Angel received one leg towards 4HCH

Recognition For a job well done at fair:
Diamond K5 Itsa Oakie Princess 1st(age class) & RSGC
Diamond K5 Yakky Doodle 2nd
(age class) & 3rd (breed Nigerian class out of 8
Diamond K5 Pack n Moonshine 4th (age class)

Lisa and IGSCR say,

Proud of the peewee kids and them showing this year.

Here are some photos from 2018 4H and youth program

If you would like to be one of our 4H & Youth Coordinators, let us know

Coming soon.. Online Show


Ah yes.. we are making HUGE progress.  Our show program should be up and running soon!

We are working on our show program. Hoping for our 2nd online show early this ear. Thanks to one of our judges Regina, who is working on our scorecard. She is a highly trained judge and long-time goat/animal owner. Thanks so much, Regina.

Take your clear photos.  With all but the topical photo, please stand at goat’s level, not above the goat.

Show poses

  • full side (point camera at middle of the belly)
  • Front
  • Rear
  • If doe in milk, we need full udder fore and rear shot

Un-set up

  • Full side

Movement Video (if at all possible. Can just use our cell phone, ipad or whatever. Just a small little video clip)

A short video of walking (side, rear and front)

Echo Hill’s SG Archie, getting set for E-show. This shows a setup side pose correctly photographed.

If interested in being our Show Coordinator? Please let us know

Live Shows

Huge Progress

This year we are bringing back live shows.  To set up your live shows, or have current shows in your area sanctioned IGSCR, please contact our office.

Northern Dawn Apache where he won two championship legs, first time off the farm.

We look forward to having our show program going this year.

If you would like to be our Live Show coordinator, please let us know.