All San Clemente Island goat Applications, Registrations, Transfers, Milk Testing, IDGR San Clemente Island goat histories etc has moved to its new home.

Everything for San Clemente Island Goats has moved to its new home.

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It is only through the IDGR-IGSCR Official Registration that the breed may be moved to the Livestock Conservancy conservation list from Critical to Threatened. If you wish to be be part of the Conservation of the San Clemente Island goat with your herd, this is done through the the Official Registration of your goat.

All DNA for the breed must be done directly through IDGR-IGSCR in order to be on the Official Registration Certificate. This is the only way we can verify registrations. IGSCR has a very extensive DNA database for the San Clemente Island goats and are knowledgeable on genetics. We are working directly with geneneticts.

All milk testing is done directly through IDGR.

IDGR also has the Official San Clemente Island goat studbook (past and present). Many are verified sires.