4 H Let us support the 4H program and also the little one’s learning curve.  We at IGSCR would love to extend a huge welcome to the children, their leaders, teachers and judges.     2018 4H Shows and Competitions Costume livestock show Dairy Goat Show (including BestContinue Reading

Northern Dawn Goats DNA Tested Name Breed Test & Result Northern Dawn Lil’ Niger Nigerian Dwarf Marker, Breed Analysis Northern Dawn CCJ Stripe’s Choco Moon Nigerian Dwarf Marker, Breed Analysis Northern Dawn Lizzy’s Easter Surprise Miniature Nubian Marker, Breed Analysis Warm Springs RSG Affie’s Chloe Nubian Marker, Breed Analysis ChocolateContinue Reading

Herd Name Breed Comments Northern Dawn Nigerian Dwarf, Miniature Nubian, Nubian Until 2013 we were Twice a day milking regularly.  Starting 2013, once a day and irrigular milking due to employment factors and other things.  We always dam raise. Thus we do not get milk the first two months ofContinue Reading

Milk Test Results Key:  Lac No = Lactation Number DIM = days in milk OAD = once a day milking  TAD = twicea day SCC = Somatic cell count  Butterfat and protein whole numbers are pounds of butterfat.  Red Award Font = IGSCR-IDGR  Blue Award Font = MDGA Award, BrownContinue Reading