All registries have their own codes for registrations.  We will talk to you here about IGSCR-IDGR registration number codes.

Wondering about the Registration Number codes?

To understand, first, let me give you the breed codes.

Code Breed


(when we require it)

P African Pygmy  
A Alpine Does 30″ +  Bucks 32″ +
AG Angora  
AW Arapawa  
BR Boer  
CS Cashmere  
CAG Coloed Angora  
DIKO Dairy Kiko cross  
KI Kiko (meat goat)  
EMC Experimental Milk Cross  
GG Guernsey

Does 26″+

BG British Guernsey  
MGG Miniature Golden Guernsey Does 20-27″ Bucks 22-28″
MBG Miniature British Guernsey  
MS Miniature Saanen Does 20-27″  Bucks 22-28″
MC Miniature Sable

Does 20-27″  Bucks 22-28″

MT MiniatureToggenburg Does 20-24″ Bucks 22-25″
ND Nigerian Dwarf Does 21″ & under Bucks 22″ * under
NG Nigora  
N Nubian Does 20″ + Bucks 32″ +
B Oberhasli Does 28″+ Bucks 30″ +
PG Pygmy Angora aka Pygora trademarked Does 23″ & under Bucks 24″ & under
S Saanen Does 30″ + Bucks 32″ +
C Sable  
L LaMancha Does 28″ + Bucks 30″ +
MA Miniature Alpine Does 20-27″ Bucks 22-28″
ML Miniature LaMancha Does 20-26″ Bucks 22-27″
MN Miniature Nubian Does 20-27″ Bucks 22-28″
MB Miniature Oberhasli Does 20-26″ Bucks 22-27″
SCI San Clemente Island (conservation goat breed) Does 26″ + Bucks 27″+
MSCI Miniature San Clemente Island  
SN (Experimental – Snubian aka Saanen Nubian)  
T Toggenburg Does 26″ + Bucks 28″ +
J Jacob (sheep)  
SS Shetland (sheep)  
SY Soy (sheep)  

So how do these breed codes enter into registration numbers?

If the animal is a purebred, the breed code will go in front of the goat’s individual registration number.  Example MN-12345 or ND-12346

To become a purebred of a Miniature goat (standard breed crossed with a Nigerian Dwarf) must be at least Generation (F) 6 and meet breed standards. If they don’t meet standards then they will have the breed code at the end of their registration number, followed by an H.  Example E-12345MNH Then they will have to be bred back up again to meet standards.

Breed Percentages

As with any registry I know, if a goat is a crossbred, a simple average is used to decide how much of what breed an animal is.

Herdbooks and Codes

coming shortly…