About Collection of Semen & Embryos

We have spent much discussion on this topic as a staff, as well as speaking with multiple people who have taken professional Classes from Aritificial Insementation Professionals and a University. After much thought, we as a Board of Advisors have come to the decision that the following is needed in order for Semen or Embryos to be acceptable parentage for IGSCR registerable offsping.

With this type of sire or dam, there are so many cooks in the kitchen, as they say. There is far too much room for error. Embryos and semen can also be mixed up

We desire accurate registrations. Especially with so many hands in the pie when it comes to semen and embryos, we feel this procedure is the best way to prevent as much room for error as possible. Thanks so much for your help.

Requirements to be accepted for IGSCR Offspring registration

0 For Embryos and Semen to be accepted by IGSCR as a parent for registerable IGSCR offspring, DNA Markers must be completed either through the IGSCR lab account or an approved Registry account for the donor animal.
0 IGSCR Collections Form must be used, signed by processor and submitted to IGSCR before Embryo or Semen is accepted
0 IGSCR will give owner of donor animal the Cerificate of Acceptance once the required forms are sent to IGSCR office
0 IGSCR Service Memo must be filled out when the dam is impregnated
0 Offspring must be DNA Parent tested through the IGSCR Lab Account or approved registry account