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IGSCR, LLC Is an Official USDA-Approved Registry

  • IGSCR, LLC is an Official USDA-approved registry
  • Follow Official Registry Code of Ethics
  • As an official Registry we must adhere to strict USDA guidelines and Official Registry CODE OF ETHICS
  • It is this adherence to policy, code of ethics and USDA Law that ensures your animal is Officially Registered, and is what truly saves and preserves breeds
  • It is this adherence to policy and guidelines by the official registry that assures you that the documents you receive are not hearsay. Many times you will see non-official pedigrees floating around. Those types of documents from a non-official registry, association or individual ARE NOT acceptable documents for Registration.
  • Official Document types: Primary Source documents (See below)
  • Secondary Source Documents from NON-NON-USDA-APPROVED organizations not accepted for Registration Applications. EXCEPTIONS.
  • DNA required in certain circumstances
  • Animal will not be registered until ALL Transfers are completed through IGSCR of Animal’s dam,into the name of the person who wants to register the animal. This is what prevents you from getting into lawsuits from other breeders or owners. In short, make sure you actually own the dam.

Requirements Registrations

  • Registration Application Signed by Breeder (Breeder is person who owned dam at time of breeding.)
  • Transfer Application must be attached and signed by the LEGAL Seller, if you obtained an animal for any reason (Obtained means Ownership Change for any reason including but not limited to: Sale, Trade, Give away, Changing from co-owner to Single-Owner, etc) [Further instructions when special situations arise, below]
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • USDA Official Identification assigned to you and physically on animal. NO EXCEPTIONS. (See ID types and special circumstances below)
  • Clear side photo and some cases head shot. If each side has different markings, then clear side photo of both sides. If there is a question about Scrapie Tags, photo of Scrapie Tag Required (See photo instructions below)
  • Miniature Goats, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf require height at withers at age four. Prior to that time the Registration Number will be a Temporary Registration Certificate. At age four the height must be taken and submitted to IGSCR, then Transfer to Permanent Registration must be applied for by owner, along with appropriate fees. (See below how to Measure a Goat)
  • Number of males and females in animal’s birth (preferred, but not 100% required)
  • Use the color, description and herdbook charts (available soon) if in doubt
  • Service Memo signed by Sire Owner anytime sire of animal is used who is not owned by the Dam owner or Dam Lessee. Also in Prenatal Breeding. NO EXCEPTIONS. (See Definitions Below)
  • Artificial Insemination or Embryo Transfer breeding: Special Instructions (see below). NO EXCEPTIONS

Steps For Registering for First Time

This instruction will be completed soon. Under construction. Stay tuned….


Primary Source: document must be signed and filled out by person who was present at time of incident

Examples of Primary Sources (not limited to):

  • Registration Certificate signed and filled out by BREEDER
  • Transfer signed and filled out by Legal Seller
  • Service Memo signed by Legal owner of Sire Owner
  • Artificial Insemination or Embryo Service Memo signed by Collector and Dam or Leesee Owner of Dam
  • Artificial Insemination or Embryo Collections Report signed by Collector and (Female being processed or Male being processed)
  • Complete UC Davis DNA Report. Note: These will come straight from a UC Davis applicant, an approved UC Davis Organization or UC Davis Affiliate account. This DNA report will have the Official UC Davis Case number. (IGSCR does not give non-USDA-Approved organizations copies of its DNA Reports. These reports are intended for proof of parantage for IGSCR and its members. Further DNA Policy Below)

Secondary Sources: Documents created AFTER the incident

Examples of Secondary Sources (not limited to)

  • USDA-Approved Registry Registration Certificates and documents (IGSCR accepts from ADGA, AGS, NDGA, TMGR, MDGA, NPGA, Canadian Official Registries)
  • Associations and Registries documents and pedigrees, who are NOT USDA-Approved. These are not accepted by IGSCR for dual registration or a registration document, because there is no way to ensure that they are following strict Official Registry Code of Ethics AND USDA Identification/Transfer law/policy.
    • Without following USDA law and Official Registry Code of Ethics standardization, there is a lot of room for error in documents supplied by non-USDA and/or non-Official Registries. Many may have accurate records. However, we have seen many pedigrees from non-USDA sources which often have grave errors. Those errors lead breeders down the wrong path in their lineages and breeding programs.
    • Documents from Non-USDA-Approved and/or Non-Official organizations can also lead unsuspecting buyers (or new owners) of animals into pending lawsuits.