Are you baffled about what Generation your goat is?

You’re not alone. The table below can help us out.

  • Zero (O) is a standard breed goat such as Alpine, Nubian, etc.  Or it could also be a San Clemente Island or even a Fiber goat .
  • The Standard goat is cross with a Nigerian Dwarf to create a breed can be called breeds such as Miniature Nubian, Miniature San Clemente Island or Nigora
  • Also if the goat is Pygmy Angora, its breed is Pygora
  • Pygmy crossed with a Nubian is a Kinder

Special Notations

Its important to know if the cross is with a Pygmy or a Nigerian Dwarf.  There is some cross over in the early Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy, so if you are asked to do a DNA breed analysis and your goat is shown to have a small amount of Pygmy, don’t be alarmed. However if your goat has a high amount of Pygmy, then your goat would not qualify as a Nigerian Dwarf cross.

All of these goats are registered as Experimental, until they reach a purebred generation level. At that point they will be registered as a Purebred of their specific breed.

Calculating Generation of Nigerian Dwarf x Standard breeds or Pygmy crossed with Standard breeds
Standard in this table: Standard breeds, San Clemente Island, Fiber Breeds
    Experimental (like MDGA America)Purebred
 StandardGen 1Gen 2Gen 3Gen 4Gen 5Gen 6Gen7Gen 8Gen 9
Gen 11222222222
Gen 21233333333
Gen 31234444444
Gen 41234555555
Gen 51234566666
Gen 61234567777
Gen 71234567888
Gen 81234567899
Gen 912345678910

Understanding the old IDGR Miniature Goat Generations (F) values

International Dairy Goat Registry aka IDGR was the original registry to create the breed for the Miniature Nubian.  We would have worked with the early breeders to create the formula for calculating generation.  At IGSCR, we believe this is much more accurate than the above method of calculating generations. We have, however, changed to the above method, to make it easier work back and forth with MDGA in dual registrations.

What we will do in the Recorded Goat Ancestry (RGA) field of the Registration Certificates, is post both the IDGR and IGSCR Generations. Something like this.  RGA: Gen 2 (IGSCR)  Gen 2.5 (IDGR) This way you will be able to see both.

Ok, so lets take a look at the formula that IDGR used.

(Lowest Parent Generation) + 1 + (Difference between Parental Generations divided by 2) = Offspring Generation

Now sometimes that generation amount will be too large. Thus, we will never increase the offspring generation more than 1.5.