Dairy Goats

  • Nigerian Dwarf
    • Fullblood, Purebred, Grade, American Herdbooks
    • (IDGR [now IGSCR] is the original Founding Registry in the United States for the Nigerian Dwarf, registering Nigerian Dwarf since 1980. Many of these founding goats were Direct Imports and then their descendants
    • Partnered with UC Davis to create DNA Breed Analysis test
    • Extensive Official Registry database
    • Historical photos and official records
    • Dr Sponenberg worked directly with an IDGR former owner; Robert Johnson of Pine Cone Valley farm, to study these original Nigerian Dwarf
    • Soon planning to work towards creating DNA Breed Analysis for Heritage Nigerian Dwarf
  • San Clemente Island goats
    • Founding (Original) & Continuing Official Registry since the Imports from San Clemente Island
    • Directed by Founding breeders and the original Association for the San Clemente Island goats (San Clemente Island Goat Club) to be the registrars for the San Clemente Island goats
    • Working directly with San Clemente Island Goat Foundation (this the 2nd Association created for the San Clemente Island goats)
    • Working directly with old breeders and Founding breeders
    • We also work directly with the Livestock Conservancy. Through working with their staff, we have created in 2020:
      • New herdbooks
        • Fullblood, Purebred, Purebred – Recovery, Purebred – Wild Herd, Grade, Experimental
      • Extensive study with Dr Sponenberg on the Founding and Blended herd lineages (Bloodline) in 2020 to correct former problems in Bloodlines that were created by other groups. Extensive study to discover the amount of influence these herds have on the herds of today.
    • Color Chart utilizing the Pattern and extensive study completed by Dr Sponenberg on the old San Clemente Island and as he worked directly with a former IDGR owner; Robert Johnson of Pine Cone Valley farm
    • Extensive DNA Marker and Parentage database
    • Many herds have entire herds DNA Tested with IGSCR DNA database
    • Extensive Official Registry database
    • Histories, photos , primary sources since export from San Clemente Island
  • Pygmy
  • Alpine, Saanen, Sable, LaMancha, Nubian, British and Golden Guernsey
    • Partnered with UC Davis to create all dairy and Pygmy goat DNA Breed Analysis tests available
  • Miniature Dairy Goats
    • Miniature Nubian
      • Founding Registry for the Miniature Nubian; working directly with the original breeders, to shape the breed
      • Herdbooks (Experimental [two levels], Purebred 6th Generation IF they conform to breed standards)
    • Miniature LaMancha
    • Miniature Alpine
    • Miniature Guersey
    • Miniature Saanen & Sable
  • Miniature San Clemente Island
    • These are NOT just small San Clemente Island goats. These are a crossbred between the San Clemente Island goat and the Nigerian Dwarf
    • DNA Testing required for all Miniature San Clemente Island goats’ registrations, to ensure that they do not get into the Purebred and Fulblood herdbooks of either the San Clemente Island or Nigerian Dwarf
  • Fiber Breeds
  • Nigora
  • Pygmy Angora
  • Meat Breeds
  • Experimental
    • Crossbreds


  • British and American Soay
    • Founding registry in the USA for the Soay
  • American Blackbelly
  • Jacob

Heritage Livestock & Working Dog Registry

  • Our sister registry
  • Requested by folks for the purpose of registering specific breeds and types of animals
  • Breeds & Species Registered
    • Working Dogs (these are Estate Guard Dogs, Livestock Guard Dogs, Livestock Herd Dogs, etc)
    • American Blackbelly sheep (Purebred)
    • Miniature Scottish Highland cattle
    • Mulefoot Hogs (Fullbloods)

We do allow creation of New breeds

There are times when new breed creation is requested. We love working to create new breeds. Our members have needs, and they are the ones who know what they are personally working towards, in their breeding programs.

DNA Breed Analysis testing

IGSCR has been completing Breed Analysis testing for months. It is amazing.

  • We recommend Breed Analysis on unknown goats.
  • Fullblood herdbooks will require Breed Analysis testing starting 2021, or Parentage if the ancestors are already Breed Analysis tested
  • How IGSCR uses Breed Analysis testing
    • used in conjunction with physical analysis of animals to view if the animal, its offspring and relatives meet standards
    • used in conjunction with Official Registered Lineages
    • We DO NOT, at the recommendation of the lab, use Breed Analysis alone, or use it as the only means to place animals in the herdbook level
    • We place the analysis amounts on the Registration Certificate