Please know that unless you pay for Express Speed Registrations, all registrations are first-come-first-served, as with any registry. For fast turnaround, pay for Express Speed Registrations, so that no one jumps ahead of other member’s registrations.

Accurate Registrations:

We at IGSCR offer DNA Marker (individual animal fingerprint) and DNA Parentage testing at a rate of $30/test plus postage of $1.25/test (animal). You do not have to do these tests currently unless we do not know who the parents are. If that is the case, we request that you submit DNA Parentage to test through the registry account. If such tests are done, then the animal will be marked as follows on their registration certificate:

Animal name *DNA(Ma) or *DNA(Pa)

Once we get the DNA Parentage test created for Nubians and Nigerian Dwarf (later other breeds), then you may submit any of those breeds for testing. This will bump your 0% Grades up to a higher herdbook. More information on this.

We are super careful to create accurate pedigrees and Registration Certificates. If you aren’t able to obtain the required information required for registration purposes, we will obtain permission from you to do the research for you at a rate of $10/hr plus any purchases necessary. We would have a special contract with you for that purpose. Happy to help out.

Purchasing Animals:

When purchasing animals, obtain a Bill of Sale/Transfer from the seller to you. Obtain all of the information you can get such as pedigree, copy of registration certificates of parents, Date of Birth, number of males and females in the birth (this type of information that is available). Note that if you purchase an animal who has been transferred multiple times, without having the transfers done at the registry, all the transfer fees would need to be paid for. This is for filing costs. Thanks for your understanding. NOTE: Some special rules apply to San Clemente Island Goats.

Refund Policy:

We do not give refunds on membership and herd names. Herd names belong to you for a lifetime, unless you relinquish it. Same with your tattoo and other permanent herd Identification.

Refunds are not given because an animal dies. That is a farm situation and not something that registries can give refunds for.

If registrations sent in with little or no information, and if we do not already have the pedigree and/or registration for ancestors in our database there are two types of certificates that can be issued:

1) All breeds except for San Clemente Island would get a Recorded Grade certificate

2) For San Clemente Island goats, Certificate of Identification will be given.

For both situations, one required information is obtained, then you will be notified so that you can pay the normal fee for a Registration Certificate. The Registration Certificate will then be sent to you. If you have purchased an animal with little or no information, please contact the IGSCR office to see if we have information. We do not issue refunds because registration applications are sent in with no data. Its important that every application is sent in with the required information, as much as possible (more on registration application page). NOTE: We are working with a lab to create a Breed Purity test for Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf. Once we finish this test, you will be able to send in hair samples to the lab to see if your goat (with unknown pedigree) is showing as the breed you feel it is.

Thanks for your understanding.

Because we are one of the smaller registries, our IGSCR officers and staff all have outside employment or farms. We strive to be fast and we are here to serve you and your animals. Thanks.