We, at International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry would like to congratulate Breeders, Owners and animals for their outstanding ability to birth and raise their babies. 

Many animals of today have to be ‘babysat’ in order to give birth.  Its no small feat to raise young.  When I (Peggy) was a young girl, we lived on a cattle ranch.  One of my father’s requirements for our cows was that she give birth and raise her young unassisted.  Most of the ranchers in the area would get up all night every two hours. We never did. We just went to bed and got a night’s sleep.  I don’t ever remember losing a cow or calf due to getting a night’s sleep or going to Church.  One of my personal requirements for my goat herd is the same exact thing.  I work long hours and many days a week away from the farm, at employment. Its imperative to have goats who have kidding ease.

For the dams, we are promoting giving birth and being able to raise their young easily without having to supplement milk to babies.
For sires, we are looking for sires who produce offspring where birthing is done without assistance. RE:  babies not too big, etc.

So again, we wish to send a hand of applause to those animals who are able to give birth and raise their young unassisted or giving birth easily.

We can see evidence that it appears that giving birth easily and also being able to am raise babies and siring babies who are born easily may very well be a genetic trait.  Look at the generational awards.  We can see that we are building a set of lineages who are easy birthers and raise their young on their own.  So far we are 3 generations deep in some lineages.

Birthing age would also be genetic, but also conformation.  Being able to raise their young on their own


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf P/D group

Year: Catching up… various years

Herd Name: Northern Dawn
Website: northerndawnnigerians.com
Owner: Peggy Boone


Doe Name

Percentage of Breed

ROM Award


Hawk Meadows Flutter By *M-R/*MF-R/*ML-R (IGSCR)//AR 2*D (AGS)

Regularly gives birth to 2


Northern Dawn Sweet Angel

Chibi Yagi Rakunou Tansy *BR x Hawk Meadows Flutter By

Northern Dawn Angeline

Northern Dawn Apache *BR x Northern Dawn Sweet Angel 2*R

Northern Dawn Ethel

Ethel usually gave birth to 4, but one time 5.  I joked her, “Ethel, you have to slow down a bit. I can’t keep up with you”

0% Grade*R
Northern Dawn Captain Birdee *MF-Y

Creamery Creek Milk Man x Northern Dawn Ethel

50% Grade2*R
Neightnkevs Izzy AR*D (AGS)

Izzy regularly gives birth to 3-4

MacDonalds Farm DeLuna AR*D (AGS)

DeLuna gave birth to 3 regularly.  One lactation was from Mini Nubian babies

MacDoalds Farm Cocoa AR*D (AGS)

Cocoa gave birth to 5 on her own

Northern Dawn Red Fern

Northern Dawn Apache x MacDonald’s Farm Cocoa

Northern Dawn Lil’ Virginia

Northern Dawn Apache x MacDonald’s Farm Cocoa




Percent of Breed


Northern Dawn Apache

Creamery Creek Milk Man x Bluestone Lil’ Lucy



New Shadow Hill’s Moecco Miracle

Rainbow Dancer’s Thunder x Daniels Dandy Moecco



Northern Dawn MM Handsome Hank

New Shadow Hill’s Moeco Miracle *BR x Hawk Meadows *R



Northern Dawn Blackie

Northern Dawn MM Handsome Hank x Northern Dawn Red Fern



Chibi Yagi Rakunou Tansy

Little Tots Estate Cody Blue x MCH Neightnkevs Venetia




Breed: Miniature Nubian

Year:  Catching up… various years


Doe Name

Percent of Breed and Generation


Northern Dawn Lil’ Missy

Northern Dawn Apache *R x Warm Springs Jersey

regularly delivers 3

Grade/Gen 1G*R
Northern Dawn Naddie

Northern Dawn Hes A Gem *BR

Grade/ Gen 2G2*R
Mountain Top Mini’s Snowflake

Milkin’ Daze Dusk’s Majesty x Milkin’ Daze Lady

Northern Dawn Hazel

Echo Hills SG Archie *BR x Mountain Top Mini’s Snowflake *R

Northern Dawn Dolly

Echo Hill’s SG Archie *BR x Warm Springs Naddie

Grade Gen 2G*R
Northern Dawn DeLuna

Echo Hills SG Archie *BR x MacDonald’s Farm DeLuna *R

Grade Gen 1G2*R


Breed: Nubian


Doe Name

Percent of Breed


Warm Springs Aphrodite

MACDONALDS FARM OSCAR (ADGA Purebred) x The SG Cloe (ADGA American)


Warm Springs RSG Chloe

Ivory Sage Rock Solid Granite (ADGA Purebred) x Warm Springs Aphrodite