Lactation Length

 In some countries goats kid only one or two times and are milked for years following kidding. Most goats now are unable to milk for extended periods of time. Milking for extended periods can be a helpful trait at times. This award is designed to reward those goats who do milk for extended periods and to encourage this trait to be preserved.

 Awards are made regardless of breed. 

The doe must be milking at least these amounts per day: 

  • 3 pounds (Standard Breeds)
  • 1.5 pounds (Miniature breeds)
  • 1 pound (Nigerian Dwarf)

NOTE: we do not recommend that does be milked more than three months into their pregnancy.

Yellow LL— 365-464 days                            

Red LL—-465-730 days                                 

Blue LL — 731-899 days

Purple LL — 900+ days