A big hand of applause  to all the does and bucks who have successfully earned awards on our Milk Test program. Below are the animals who have been awarded awards for their excellence in Milk Volume, Butterfat, Lactation Length or Lifetime.

Congrats too to all the breeders and owners  who are putting mega work into their feeding and milking programs, as well as taking the time to be on milk test.  Milk testing is a huge benefit to improve our herds genetically, and in selection of new stock.

With International Sheep, Goat, Camelid Registry (IDGR) we believe that our does and ewes should have to stretch a little to be able to achieve an award, yet be quite achievable .  We want our milk awards to show that our does and ewes are truly dairy animals who will stand behind you to provide milk sustainable milk for you and you and your family, as well as any dairy customers you may have.  Milk testing is much much more than just getting an award for bragging rights.  Milk testing is truly a huge benefit in building better herds genetically.

Bucks and Rams are also an integral part of producing true dairy animals.  This being said, we also extend buck and ram awards.

We extend a huge country welcome and handshake to all all new herds, owners and  breeders to who would like to add their animals on milk test.  We’d like to have dairy animals, as well as searching for owners and breeders of Pygmy goats, Meat Cross goats, SCI and sheep who would like to put their animals on milk test.