Registered Nigerian Dwarf Bloodlines

These are newer bloodlines are not Foundation Bloodlines.  Join us is sharing your bloodlines.

HerdCharacteristicRegistered as a Bloodline (Date)

Northern Dawn

Beginning bloodlines: Old Jobi, Esperanza (now Desert Nanny), Desertwinds, Piddlin Acres

Flat topline, easy kidding, very extended lactation, high tight udders,body capacity, Blended conformation body style


We have been raising our herd since 2009  and have predominantly had a closed herd during that time. Periodically we have brought in a few new animals, to add genetic variation to the herd.   We believe that sever inbreeding is detrimental. We line breed.

Some examples of our herd
Northern Dawn Lil’ Columbine

Columbine is old Jobi and Esperanza bloodline background. She is one of our home-bred Northern Dawn bloodline 100% purebred

Northern Dawn Captain Birdee

Captain is one of our first home-bred does. She is 50% grade Nigerian Dwarf

Northern Dawn Miss Clara

Clara is old Jobi and Desertwinds bloodline backgound. She is also one of our first home-bred Northern Dawn bloodline.  100% Purebred