Breed Description Vs Breed Standard

We are choosing to use a Breed Description, rather than a Breed Standard. Why?

  • Breed Descriptions tend to be too confining for Heritage Breeds. They generally are lined with show faults etc.
  • We are working on stabalizing the Heritage breed of Navajo Angora goats. In so doing, we need a description that encompases what this great Heritage Breed actually is.
  • Breed Description shows describes what the Navajo Angora is.
  • We are working with the Navajo Nation who brought this great breed into being in the United States, after the Turkish Angora were brought to the Americas

Navajo Angora Goat Breed Description

  • Face and legs are to be free of mohair
  • Mohair on body and tail
  • Any color
  • Eyes: brown, blue, some Turkish Angora have green eyes (anything else?)
  • Ears: Pendulous
  • Horns: Polled or horned (we can describe the horns)


  • Fiber
  • Milk
  • Meat
  • Pelts

History of the Navajo Angora Goat in the United States

How the Navajo Nation began and preserved the Navajo Angora, as it is with its Turkish Angora ancestors

Please help us with the true description of the Navajo Angora.. email at

This is a work in progress for the Navajo Nation and Navajo Community. Working in harmony together. We need photos also to share. We can do a slide show.