Welcome to your Navajo Angora Goat Registry

Navajo Angora Division (IGSCR)

Let us enjoy the preservation of the Navajo Angora goat as we preserve the heritage and lineage of the true heritage breed.

We at Navajo Angora Division work with our Liason with the Navajo Nation, to ensure that we have keep this breed pure true Navajo Angora goats


  • Origin is Turkish Angora Goat
  • USA Origin is Navajo Angora goat, derived from the Turkish Angora goat, who came to the United States

Turkish Angora Goat. Look at the similarities of Turkish Angora goat and the Navajo Angora goat below.
Navajo Angora doe who is directly off of a Navajo Nation herd

We would love input. This is a work in progress, as we put the Navajo Angora Registry back into play. Please email your thoughts to igscrreg1@gmail.com

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