Standard (non-sponshorship membership) Plans

These are regular membership plans. We thank you so much for this!

Annual: $10 adult

3-Year: $25 adult

Lifetime: $85 

Sponsorship Membership

We are implementing a Sponsorship Program, in order to help cover high overhead costs of our Conservation breeds and our low Standard Membership costs. Also to aid in paying our assistants.  Sponsorship can also help members who cannot afford DNA testing, to have a fund to draw from for much needed DNA testing.  This help is also to aid in digitizing our old historic registry records and to aid in the cost of our upcoming online database.  It also aids in helping fund bringing our old records home, so that we are able to digitize.  

This program is a work in progress. Basically how it works is that if you pay an amount, then you will receive something in return. Currently you will receive a registry product.  We are also working on adding other products that you can receive instead of normal registry products.

Besides receiving a registry product gift, you will also receive an award and also your Sponsorship on our webpage as a thank you!

Why would you want to do a Sponsorship Membership?

  • You are aiding in helping Conservation breeds to grow
  • Helping registry to cover high over head costs and bring in staff to aid
  • Helping those who cannot afford valuable and vital DNA testing to be able to afford pay for DNA testing
  • You get a free gift
AmountAwardOur Gift
$200 DiamondLifetime Membership … value $85
$100Gold3-year Membership …  value $25
$50SilverAnnual Membership …  value $10
$20BronzeRegistration  … value $6.50 included photo)


What’s in if for you if you become a member?

  • Non-members pay twice the fees
  • Your personal password protected page with your records on our website
  • Soon members will be able to search records on our online database and will receive more record types than non-members can
  • Regular newsletter, giving you updates
  • Advertising,  classified, etc