Peggy Boone
Utah County, Utah
801-369-5584 (text)
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  Herd partially DNA tested. Entire herd will be tested soon.

Nigerian Dwarf, Miniature Nubian, Nubian

I grew up on a beef cattle and dairy cattle ranch in northern Canada.  All of us kids rode horses about as soon as we could walk.

My love for goats came in 2009 when I moved to Utah.  

We raise high quality old bloodline goats of the shown goats. We consider the Northern Dawn herd as “bloodline” as we have a closed herd since 2009. We breed for specific characteristics:

Flat topline, high tight udders that deflate after milking, milkable teats, high tight udders, Very extended lactations with high butterfat, easy to kid


This is my and my gelding Duke. His parents are Quarter Horse and Morgan/Quarter Horse. Duke’s parents were straight off of our cattle ranch.


Echo Hill’s Elizabeth Swan is the dam of one lineage of our Miniature Nubians.  We also are creating our old line from our Nigerian Dwarf and old lineage Nubians

 This is Columbine, one of our home bred Nigerian Dwarf does. Her bloodlines are the old Jobi (RE: Jobi Tomkin great granddaugther and Esperanza)

Awesome milker with high tight buttery soft udder. 


 690 pounds milk with 43 lb butterfat and 34 pounds protein in 305 days on Once a Day milking.  

Complete lactation 893 days in milk 1020 pounds milk, 68 pounds butterfat and 54 pounds protein

Columbine’s dam peaked at 14% butterfat.  


coming soon…..