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Are you looking for DNA Tested Herds?

We have a wonderful program for DNA testing.  You get discounted rates for testing.  Also we will display parts of your DNA testing, under the Genetics Tab.  DNA proves our registrations, helps us find lost ancestors/offspring.  If you are wondering what breed your goat is, we have a Breed Analysis for Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian, as well as their crosses.  Or maybe you would like to know how well your does will do for making cheese. You can test for Alpha Casein at a discounted rate.  Genetic Defects are also at a discounted rate. 

Come and Join us. We need your help and your herd will love you for DNA testing.


We could also use Donations to help create a DNA fund for those members who might not have money to pay for much needed testing.  Thanks for Paying it forward.   

Miniature NubianUtah
Nigerian DwarfUtah, Washington
San Clemente IslandIllinois,  Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconcin