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Obtain your herd name before you register your goats. Your Herd Name and Animal Permanent Identification are your for Lifetime Apply to register your herd name with IGSCR if you don’t already have one with IGSCR. If you don’t have a herd name, then babies born to dams you own will carry the work The of Of, rather than your herd name. It is very important to have your own herd name, so that you and we know who bred the animal. Your herd name is currently $10 (one-time fee) and can be paid online or check to IGSCR, PO Box 462, Goshen, UT 84633

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So you would like to register animals?

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First though, please read below to ensure you have all the information you need. If you don’t have all the necessary information, your application is not complete until all the information is submitted. Application is complete, then you application will be done in order received.

Several things that are required are:

  • Date of birth (approximate if you don’t know exact date)
  • Color description
  • Permanent Identification affixed to goat and assigned (Should be physically on goat before registration, but at least assigned. Before animal is removed for any reason from your property, the identification must be on the animal by Federal law. (more information below)
  • Number of males and females in animal’s birth (preferred)
  • Breeder name and contact information, herd name
  • Owner’s name and contact information, herd name
  • If you purchased, traded, were given, sold, or any type of ownership change, no exceptions… Transfer form must be filled out. A few work arounds can be Email to IGSCR at, from seller. If you purchased the animal from auction, then auction receipt will work as well. If there is a dispute of ownership, then a legal court ownership document must be sent to IGSCR office. No exceptions.
  • Clear side photo
  • Height at withers if Miniature (Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy crossed with standard sized breeds), Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmy, San Clemente Island. At age one to obtain idea if the goat will become over height as an adult. Then again at age four.
  • If animal is registered with another registry, then we must have a copy of the registration certificate. We may request a five or six generation official pedigree from the other registry. We would still need copies of transfer forms too if change of ownership has been done.
  • If you have no lineage on your goat, then it will be a Recorded Grade for all breeds except San Clemente Island. San Clemente Island have three other herd books available in these situations. They are Recovery, Wild Herd or Recorded Grade. We would request that we do DNA Breed Analysis testing through our registry lab account. Breed Analysis not required, but strongly recommended.
  • DNA Markers and Parentage are not required, but recommended through our ISGCR lab account, so that parentage is proven. This is your choice.

Example of clear side photo. Note that your camera should be at level of goat, with camera pointed in middle of belly. It doesn’t have to be a show pose. Just a clear image. If you want photo on Registration Certificate, get as nice of photo as possible.
Why photo? It helps us to know if the animal truly is the breed that is being registered.

How To Register

Have all of your documents, photo and if necessary height handy before you start the registration process. Without this, it slows up the registration process.

Note that the application date is NOT the date that you start the application process, but rather the date that all necessary information is submitted to the IGSCR office. Once all the information is sent to the office, IGSCR will stamp application with the date received. At this time your application will be placed in the cue of first come first served. If you require fast delivery, enter date required on registration application and pay Rush Fee

Fill in the application for registration, attach all necessary documents. Don’t forget to pay. Fees are:

  • $5.50 per registration without photo on certificate or $6.50 per registration with photo on certificate. (printed paper copies) (includes also the official digital certificate)
  • $5.00 per registration with or without photos if you want only OFFICIAL digital copies (Note: If you choose this option, we will not print and mail the certificate unless you pay postage and printing)
  • Rush fee is $15/animal instead of above price(1-4 animals) $10 (5 or more animals) To avoid rush fee if you need registration fast, try to plan ahead.
  • Transfer at time of registration application $2.50
  • Transfers after time of registration application $3.50 without photo or $4.50 with photo
  • Extended Official Pedigree $4.00

Other Services

  • Let us keep your digital herd records, if that is of help to you. It will speed up registrations. $20/year for small herds or $50/year for large herds (note: By law we need to keep record of Animal’s name, Identification, and also ownership proof) for every animal who has been on our farm or left our farm ownership
  • Train you to research your own pedigrees
  • Hire us to research for you. If you need research to obtain needed information to register your herd, we reserve the right to charge research fees, plus any documentation necessary. We will let you know before we research, to ensure that you agree. This would be for extensive research of pedigrees, necessary information and documentation. (Note: all too often in some breeds we are sent applications with little to no information, or simple pedigrees from non-official submitters. Whe cannot do registrations without documentation to prove the animal. Without documentation, the pedigrees we often receive are considered ‘hearsay’ and not official.)
  • Unique Milk testing program that fits your schedule and truly proves the milkability of your goats and/or sheep
  • Registry of Merit to show that your animal gives birth easily and/or can raise their young to at least 60 days of age
  • Homestead Goat Program: True homestead goats are a treasure and rare. They are of the highest quality. Types of Homestead: Pack Goats, Dairy, Meat, Brush Trimmers