About Semen Collection

We have been asked by our members to create a semen collections report, so that we can all find semen to use in our herds. This is still in its infany, but we will have specific requirements. The system will be easy, but ensure accuracy of the genetics of your offspring.

IGSCR Semen Colletion Requirements

  • Sire must be DNA Marker tested
  • Prefer that sire to be collected has Parentage DNA testing, but this is not always possible
  • Collection site knowlege is require
  • IGSCR will assign a registration number to each set of semen
  • When an offsping results, in order to register the offspring, we require at a mnimum that the Offspring is Parent tested to the sire (semen).Prefer to the Dam as well

Why Semen?

Well, it is a great way to add awesome or potentially lost genetics to our herds and breeds.  Without semen and Artificial Insemination, we may lose many powerful gene pools