Registry Account for use of Members and others who would like to DNA Test with IGSCR

We have a Registry account with UC Davis for our members.  When you use our account for sending in DNA samples, you have several benefits:

  1. Discounted test price (Our current price is $30/test, rather than $40)
  2. We keep a log so that if you are doing parentage testing, and an animal is already tested for DMA Markers then you won’ have to pay for testing that animal again for parentage
  3. If members store DNA for future testing, we desire to keep a log of who has stored DNA samples for which animals, in case we need tests done on those animals.

So you want to DNA test your Goats and Sheep?

Yeah!!! That’s Awesome!

Send us a message and we will get you set up so you can take advantage of the IGSCR test savings and programs. (Put in Subject line: DNA Test Request)


Goat Name

Case No

Registration No.



Case No


Case No

DNA Marker

DNA Parentage



Free Martin

Spider Lamb (sheep)

San Clemente Island

Kratzer’s BettyRef:KBSCI-1San Clemente Islandx
Mack Brin Farms LucySCI-10920San Clemente IslandMack Brin Farms RansomWillow Valley Farms Tamarindx
Mack Brin Farms KhaleesiSCI-10908San Clemente IslandWillow Valley Farms ButchWillow Valley Farms Tamarindx
Kratzer’s MysteryRef:KMSCI-1San Clemente IslandKratzer’s Bettyx
Davis Farmland AdamRef: DFASCI-1San Clemente Islandx
Kratzer’s BurthalemuRef:KBSCI-1San Clemente Islandx
Mack Brin Farms GideonSCI-10923San Clemente Islandx
Rooster Run Homestead BrutusRef:RRHBSCI-1San Clemente IslandKratzer’s Bettyx
Rooster Run Homestead LuciferRef:RRHLSCI-1San Clemente IslandMack Brin Farms Lucyx

Nigerian Dwarf



GoFundMe Project



International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry

We at International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry have set up a GoFundMe project to aid upgrade of the registry.  It will aid in:

  • Shipping to bring our registry records to our new registry home
  • DNA Parentage, Markers, Genetic Defects and Alpha Casein DNA testing (all breeds)
  • DNA Research and to help pay our Registry Admins/Assistants
  • Software upgrade and Online Searchable Database hosting
  • Creation and upgrade to our Show and Linear Appraisal (conformation evaluation) programs and training our experts

This is much needed help. Thanks so much to you all! And great thanks to those who have already contributed.  ~Peggy


Parentage Testing For San Clemente Island Goats

We at International Goat, Sheep Camelid Registry are working closely with Eri, Jerry and other groups to help move this great pedigree/research work ahead.  We all spend countless hours on this. Thanks Erin, Jerry, Laurel and all who are working so hard on this. We at IGSCR created a regisry UC Davis Account which is were Erin and Jerry will be testing. We invite you all, as well to use our registry account. Besides the $10 discount in price on tests there are other perks too to using our registry account.

Thanks so much Erin for creating this GoFundme

Howdy folks! I am working in conjunction with another San Clemente Island Goat breeder to figure out some lineage with these goats. SCIG’s are critically endangered with only about 700 left.

Records have not been kept in the past by many breeders and to keep this breed going strong we need to figure out parentage. That means collecting hair samples and sending them in for DNA testing which costs $30 per animal. Between myself and another larger breeder there could be up to 100 or more goats that should get tested and put into that data base.

This is another big ask, but I plan on paying for these tests on my own as much as I can. This fund is more to help the other breeder Jerry with his herd. I know other people will be in the same boat that raise these goats that have limited lineage information.





  1. Of the 30 SCI Goats located here on the ranch, I will be testing all of my does that have produced kids. Only had one buck fathered my start up, and he was named here as Ala Rico – Almighty Ruler, a non-registered but pure Rivetti obtained directly from the Rivetti Ranch. The next breeding buck, Prince William and his brother, Samson, were sons of Ala Rico, submission for testing is not required but as future breeders will be registered after DNA confirmation. Only a handful of the goats on my property are registered.

  2. Author

    That’s awesome Karen. I think this is going to be great. I plan to test all of my bucks and does too.

    When you are ready, let me know and you can send me a sheet of info I need to fill out the DNA test form.


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