A Big Yes

Yes yes… When you test through our IGSCR account, you will receive a copy of the official IGSCR DNA Summary/Results for animals you own or bred.

Yes … We are a DNA verified registry database, so that you can ensure that your goats are who you say they are.  Your can have confidence in your Registration Certificate.  With San Clemente Island, we do require DNA testing through IGSCR directly for registration. With Dairy Goats, sheep and cattle it is your choice.

Yes Yes… When you test through IGSCR, we utilize case numbers of our massive DNA database to test against. You would order the DNA straight through us and we order then DNA parentage.  Then after the lab sends IGSCR the DNA report, we analyze it. If this is a goat you own and  you have paid for the DNA, you will receive the official IGSCR DNA Summary, with results word for word what our lab sends to IGSCR.  If you pay and order for the Elite Registration Certificate, then you will receive the ELITE (gold crown) Registration Certificate showing ELITE status and proof of DNA lineage.  If you do not choose to order/pay for the Elite Registration Certificate, and your goat’s ancestry is DNA verified by IGSCR, you would simply have a special disclaimer on the Standard Registration Certificate showing that the parentage is DNA Verified. The Standard Registration does not show the DNA titles.

No… Do we post the UC Davis report and case numbers on the open web? We request that you do not share the summary we send to you, either. DNA is considered by our lab and us as a medical record. It is akin to human medical records are confidential.

No…  Those are private between the Registry, UC Davis, herd owner and breeder of that specific animal.

Note, privacy is of the utmost and many members do not want their DNA shared on the open web.

Yes … We post a listing of DNA Tested herds
… List of animals who are already tested
… List of animals waiting for testing once payment is received 

Please contribute to our DNA Testing fund, so that herds who cannot afford DNA testing can have that much needed opportunity

… And why would you want to test with IGSCR anyway??

Well, we have an invaluable resource with DNA testing available to help us find lost animals, as well as verify animals and offspring. It is even possible to recreate deceased parents with DNA of the offspring.

Another reason for genetically testing is to show milk Alpha Casein (how well will your doe produce cheese)?

Yet another reason is Genetic Defects that we  might choose to breed out of our animals.

Yeah but.. Why would you want to test with IGSCR account?

  • Databases that help you research DNA tested pedigrees or help you find viable tested breeding stock you might want to purchases
  • Shows you what animals might be in our database that can be tested which you might need to verify parentage, defectcs, alpha casein, etc
  • Lets you know what herds are tested
  • Lets you know which animals have semen tested and available, should you wish to use semen
  • We have case numbers for animals tested directly through our account and also in our Affliate accounts. This is invaluable, so that one does not have to test and retest the same animal over and over again.
  • We have a discounted rate for testing directly through our account and through our Affiliate accounts: $30 Markers ($10 savings)

UC Davis and IGSCR registry

We are set up again to help you test your goats, sheep and camelids for DNA.  Its super important.  And also if we as members test under our account then we can hopefully have enough members to give us a discount on pricing.

We at IGSCR are working on creating a gofundme project to help us create breed specific testing which does not currently exist.  This is very important. If we can help create new tests for knowing the percentage of purity of a breed this can aid in animals with little or no proven pedigree to be placed in the appropriate herdbook. Big break through possibilities.

With our Sponsorship Program and Gift we  hope to create a fund to help folks with no funds for DNA testing in their herds.  Please help us in this vital cause. Thank you so much. Let us know when you sponsor the fund that it is for our DNA testing fund.  You may also give a gift to another person, to help another to test their herd, or part of it.

What we offer for DNA testing:


Types of Tests

  • Parentage
  • Breed Analysis (Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian and their combinations)
  • Alpha S1 Casean (goat milk… helps us know if their milk will produce high cheese yield)
  • Spider Lamb (sheep)
  • G6S Deficiency (Nubian and Mini Nubian – This deficiency often will make the animal grow to less than its potential and also die young)
  • Free Martin or Hermaphrodite
  • Scrapie Susceptibility (goats)

Our DNA Databases

  • DNA test results and confirmed by our members…. If you find your goat, then contact us for the UC Davis Case Number so we can provide results
  • DNA Herd Names tested
  • DNA Samples awaiting funding for testing, that is held by IGSCR

Types of Tissue which can be used

  • Hair
  • Semen (whole straw is best)
  • Blood
  • (if animal is deceased, there are specific body tissues that can be used for testing, but they are very expensive)

Alrighty, now you know all about DNA testing. So how do you test?

First, you need to pull the hair correctly and correctly put it in correct packaging and label. Then you need to decide how you want to send it

Collecting the Sample


  1. Use clean pliers, grasp a gob of hair near skin (clean dry and long haired location such as brisket, withers or hip)
  2. Jerk out some hair
  3. Place about 20-30 hairs in PAPER envelope (each animal in its own envelope). Seal the envelope
  4. Label envelope:  full name of animal including farm name and name of animal…registration number if you know it…  date of pull


  1. 3-6 cc whole blood in PURPLE top EDTA collection tube
  2. Label tube with animal’s full name, as it is on submission form
  3. Place bag in sealed ziploc bag
  4. If sending in warm weather, place ice pack in with sample.  If cold weather, then ice pack not necessary
  5. Use lots of bubble wrap around collection tube and place in a box.  Then place that box inside another box. (If the sample is broken, then the lab cannot test the sample. We are trying to send the sample in a way that it won’t be damaged during transport


  1. Preference of whole straw of semen
  2. Place semen straw in sealed ziploc bag and write full name of animal as it is on the submission form
  3. If the weather is warm, use an ice pack. If weather is cold, an ice pack is not necessary.
  4. Wrap a lot of bubble wrap around bag.
  5. Place inside box, then inside another box

So where do you send it?

Sending Directly to IGSCR

  • Fill out our DNA submission form
  • IGSCR office can email you the submission form for you to fill our, or you can simply mail our office the samples and payment.  Submission form (called a Kit) looks like these examples
  • Mail sample and payment to IGSCR (address on submission form)
  • Payment either online     … or …
  • Check to IGSCR

Using IGSCR Affiliate Program

Use this method ONLY if confident to do your own DNA testing and have quite a few animals, then you may use our Affiliate testing program

  • Only use the IGSCR affiliate program IF you are confident
  • Ensure that you click the Affiliate box at the top of each order and select IGSCR for your affiliate. Failure to click on the IGSCR Affiliate box will force you to pay the higher priced rates and also may make our prices higher for other members. It will also not give IGSCR access to your testing case number, which again makes testing for other members higher priced for Parentage. 
  • Steps for affiliate program with IGSCR
  1. Create account with UC Davis
  2. Click on Order Tests
  3. Select Affiliate to International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry
  4. Fill in ALL the * fields and as many of the others as you can.  If you don’t know the registration number of your animal, create a unique code for the animal.  Ensure that you have the permanent Identification for the animal on the order form. If you have a photo, that is good to upload a photo… Select type of test or tests. Note that ALL types of tests require you to do DNA Markers. However, if you find a possible parent on our IGSCR listing of animals already tested, request from IGSCR the case number to be place on the sire or dam field, so that you don’t have to pay for the parent’s testing AGAIN.
  5. Pay for your test online or pay with a check to UC Davis.
  6. Print out your submission form
  7. Fill out any other information UC Davis requires on submission form, staple paper envelope for that animal on the submission form in required spot (or enclose semen/blood sample)
  8. Mail or UPS/Fedex sample to UC Davis address listed on the submission form
  9. Guess what.. Then the lab will email you your results and also you will see the result on your UC Davis accounts page under View Results


Note: In an effort to give more and more people the opportunity to prove their registrations, find missing parents, have a breed analysis or genetic defect done, Alpha Casein for cheese production available more readily, we at IGSCR have chosen at this point to charge ONLY what UC Davis charges us plus postage to ship. We are NOT asking for money for our time. This is a service to you and can be used by members and non-members.

Note: We are also working on creating a DNA testing fund, so that members who cannot afford testing have  the opportunity to test. Thanks for your contribution

Note: We rarely require DNA testing at IGSCR, however, we strongly recommend that you pull hair samples on your entire  herd, including babies you transfer to new owners. Store them in paper envelopes in a cool dry place, or send to us at IGSCR for future testing. The more animals we have tested through the registry account or samples ready for testing, the stronger and more accurate the registrations are or you will have greater ability to find missing parents.

TestPrice Sent to IGSCR (includes postage)Price for (Affiliate or if you send sample to lab)
Marker (can usually include Parentage for a few animals.  Lab may require extra Parenentage cost in some cases)

If you wish to list your semen on our list or want to register an animal who is the result of Semen or embrio transplant, we require DNA on the parent and the offspring. This is to ensure that the offspring is, in fact, the result of the semen or embrio transplant.

$10 savings/sample if using IGSCR account

ParentOften is free, AFTER Marker for offspring and possible parents are tested. In some cases, the lab may require extra cost for Parental testing
Breed Analysis (currently only available for Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and their crosses)

Purpose of this test is mainly for goats of unknown ancestry, to give a strong DNA analysis showing score of 0 to 1 and what score of crossbreeding of multiple breeds, if there is any.  This, along with descendancy analysis showing that descendants are breeding true to breed standards gives a very strong indication of the breed of your goat. This is your option

If we suspect that your animal may contain another breed, then we reserve the right to ask you to complete a Breed Analysis.  Example, lets say you have a San Clemente Island that is too small for its breed or a Nubian who might not meet breed standards or even a Nubian that looks like it might be part Boer, we reserve the right to ask you to complete a Breed Analysis before registrations are completed

We are working working on creating other breed analysis breed tests..

Alpha Casein (higher result usually means genetically your animal an produce higher cheese yields. However, higher Alpha Casein may also show milk of higher milk sensitivities)$17$15
G6S Deficiency (for Nubian and Nubian Crosses)
If your goat is positive, the goat will likely not grow to its genetic size and likely will pass away younger than normal
Free Martin (meaning the positive animal is both sexes)$52$50
Spider Lamb$52$50
Scrapie Susceptibility (note this does not tell if the goat has scrapie or not)

Can you use the DNA case numbers and tests from other registries in Parental testing?

There are some registries who do not allow use of their tests to be used outside of their network.  So if your goat already has DNA testing with one of those registries, then you will need to redo the test, as you won’t be able to use the test from the other registry. Ask us for a list of registries that we know of whose tests you cannot use in parentage.

With IGSCR, while we do not publish case numbers and tests publically, we do let you know when tests are already done or we have the sample on file available for testing.  If you would like to utilize one of these ‘already tested animals’, then let us know and we will submit the parentage test on your behalf, so that you don’t have to pay for the possible parent’s test again. Many times our members want the case numbers and test reports to remain private. With IGSCR submitting parentage on your bahalf for animals owned by others, those case numbers and test results remain private still, but you have the ability to test for parentage.

With IGSCR, you can view animals and herds tested or those animals whose samples we have on hand at our office ready to be sent off for testing.