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Most goat breeds are so new, that there is very little genetic information available to show how Milk Production, Breed Purity, Genetic Defects, Cheese Output, etc.  This being said, we do know that genetics do play a very important roll in conformation, milk program, ease of kidding, etc.

IGSCR Genetics



Conformation Evaluation

We are currently working on our conformation evaluation program

What is DNA?  DNA Markers are simply a genetic fingerprint or identity of the animal.  We have an account with the lab to streamline, make our testing cheaper and test results for your ease in knowing what animals have which tests done.

Types of tests available (goats & sheep):

Markers * Parentage * Breed Purity (Nigerian Dwarf & Nubian) * Alpha Casein (cheese output) * Genetic Defects

DNA Tested Herds

This is a listing of what herds, breeds and types of tests are DNA tested through our registry UC Davis lab account

Currently we have the following breeds tested:

Milk Test Our milk testing production program has long been very unique.  Why? It is a tiered to better evaluate the production and show if a doe or ewe will stand behind you no matter what you throw at them.
Cheese OutputComing soon

Pedigree Search

(We are in process of entering in data, so stay tuned. More on this new database soon)

We are likely within days of having our Pedigree Search page up, although it will take a bit of time to get our pedigrees up on the search page.  In our pedigree search page, we will not give things such as Registration Numbers, Owners and Breeders name and information.  If you wish to obtain registration numbers, you can contact us and order an actual Pedigree.

Trial Matings

(as above.. in process of entering in data)

We are likely within days of giving you access to trial matings. So let’s say you are wanting to see if you should use this buck and doe together, you can try those matings on paper first to see a likely outcome.
Registry of Merit (Kidding ease & how well does feed babies)

There are many does and bucks who produce large and hard to kid babies. That is often genetic. Its not always genetic, but often time it is.  Also many does are poor mothers or don’t have enough milk for their babies. This is where our special Registry of Merit program comes into play, to give you an idea when does and bucks are likely to produce the results you want.  If you are like we are, you don’t want to have to babysit when births happen. 

I grew up on a small beef cattle ranch. When most local ranchers were getting up every two hours to check on possible births or pulling calves, we …..   Got a great night’s rest… Our cows did NOT have calving trouble and cows easily raised their babies. Some of our cows could even nurse other cow’s calves…

We at IGSCR-IDGR believe that nature’s way is to have good mothering instincts and mothers who can take care of their babies.  Many of us have jobs, so we don’t have time to babysit. This is where the sssd


We at International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry aka IDGR register various species of livestock.

  • Goats (Dairy, Fiber,  Meat and Rare Breed)
  • Sheep (Dairy, Fiber, Meat, Hair/Wool, Rare Breed)
  • Camelids (Llama and Aplaca)