UC Davis and IGSCR registry

We are set up again to help you test your goats, sheep and camelids for DNA.  Its super important.  And also if we as members test under our account then we can hopefully have enough members to give us a discount on pricing.

We at IGSCR are working on creating a gofundme project to help us create breed specific testing which does not currently exist.  This is very important. If we can help create new tests for knowing the percentage of purity of a breed this can aid in animals with little or no proven pedigree to be placed in the appropriate herdbook. Big break through possibilities.

We hope with the gofundme project to have the funds for the above new test creation, as well as to help members pay for such tests as Free Martin, Casean G6S, Parents and DNA Marker.

What we offer for DNA testing:


Types of Tests

  • Parentage
  • Alpha S1 Casean (goat milk… helps us know if their milk will produce high cheese yield)
  • Spider Lamb (sheep)
  • G6S Deficiency (Nubian and Mini Nubian – This deficiency often will make the animal grow to less than its potential and also die young)
  • Free Martin or Hermaphrodite
  • Scrapie Susceptibility (goats)

Our DNA Databases

  • DNA tests completed and confirmed by our members…. If you find your goat, then contact us for the UC Davis Case Number so we can provide results