We wanted to share the herds who are currently tested for DNA.  These herds may be partial or full testing.

Types of Tests

  • Markers
  • Parentage
  • Breed Analysis (Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and crosses thereof)
  • Alpha Casein (cheese production)
  • Genetic Defects (Spider Lamb (sheep), Free Martin, G6S (Nubian and Nubian crosses)

Breeds Currently on Test

We welcome all breeds. The more we have on test, the more we can verify registration certificates and find lost ancestors

Why show Herds on Test?

This allows us to search for herds and see what breeding possibilities exist. DNA is a wonderful help. Currently we have a discounted rate set up with UC Davis.  Love to have you join us. Come what herds are currently on DNA test, on linked on the Breeds Currently on Test above.