Herdname (herd who owned dam at time of conception), Followed by individual name of animal Example Northern Dawn Ethel
Sheep or Goats
Enter in any possible sire names
Normal (hair or blood while animal is alive) If animal has barely passed away, you usually can use a slip of skin from for example the ear) Post Mortem (Post Mortem is $250 plus the normal $31 for Markers)
For Parentage & Breed Analysis, you must order Marker test first The other tests are specific and not Marker related Note: Typically one-parent is 95% accurate roughly, but both parents are often 99% accurate. No guarantees. The lab does the best they can do. If the goats are very inbreed (ie/ extremely closely bred with relatives), the Parent test may be next to impossible without a lot of testing. The more animals we have from a HIGHLY INBRED herd to test against, the better the chances of obtaining parental results) A strong key to good parental results is in keeping very close records of breedings and your herd.

Members and Non-members welcome to DNA test through IGSCR. Welcome.

Pay for your DNA Testing here

Prices Through our Main IGSCR DNA Account:

  • Members and Non-Members, all goats and sheep may be tested through ISGSCR
  • IGSCR takes ACCURACY OF our registrations very seriously and we want you to be able to afford to test. Thus we are NOT currently charging you above costs of testing and postage. We are doing this as a service to you.
  • Pay for DNA testing here
  • We accept MDGA and AGS DNA Reports and are happy to share the reports directly to those Registries when DUAL-Registration is desired

Marker (Genotype)$33
Parentage (1 or 4 parental option)Free
Parental (5 or more parental option)
[This requires much analysis, coding and research. If very complex, the lab will request extra fees, which cost will be distributed back to you. Generally this is for commercial/wild herds where lots of bucks/does are run together.]
Breed Anaysis (goat only) [currently this is free]Free
Alpha Casein (cheese output)$17
Spider Lamb$5
Scrapie Susceptibility$22
Non-Member Parentage (3 or more animals) add base fee$10

Why Test through IGSCR?

  • Reduced price
  • We take DNA testing very seriously and have learned much about how to do it. With this knowledge, you can feel confidence that it will be done right

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  • For non-parental and Non-Marker testing. We prefer that all Markers and Parentage requests run through our Main DNA Account and that you apply for this testing on the above form
  • All other tests may be run through the Affiliate Account. Happy to serve

Special notes on DNA testing with IGSCR

Note 1: Parentage must be done directly through the IGSCR office, as we do not share IGSCR case numbers. Our members have strongly requested that case numbers NOT be shared, and we respect their wishes.

Note 2: IGSCR routinely runs Parentage if we have the possible or known parents in our DNA database. Why?

  • Verifies the Registration Certificate and Official Pedigree
  • Stops possible incorrect lineages before they get out of hand. We would rather stop it NOW, than let it go on for generation after generation, then have to PULL Registration Certificates and re-issue
  • Prevents hard feelings from inaccuracies and breeding issues

Note 3: IGSCR reports may be sent to the AGS office if you are dual registering.

Note 4: ADGA Parentage and Marker DNA reports may not be used for IGSCR registrations, as we have no way of obtaining case numbers.

Note 5: If there are multiple sire options, then both bucks and all the kids must be tested. It is more accurate to also test the dam (IF the bucks are too closely inbred). Why test ALL the kids? It is proven that there can be more than one buck used for a litter of kids.

Note 6: Moving an animal from Grade Herdbook to a higher herdbook we require not only the required documentation and observing necessary generations of following breed standards, but also Breed Analysis on goats. This Breed Analysis is to ensure that there is no unwanted breed contained in the animal. Example: No Boer breed may be in the dairy breed.

Note 7: DNA Titles and Seals, as well as DNA Verified is placed on the Registration Certificate. Why?

  • Shows accuracy of the Registration Certificate or Official Pedigree
  • Gives you confidence in the animal you are breeding
  • Your animal should be worth more, because its genetics are validated

Note 8: When DNA testing is done, expect the registrations will be slower to come to you, as our lab will process as they can. They test for multiple registries. Thanks in advance for your patience!

How to Test

  • Thoroughly wash and dry hands
  • Sample long clear hair from chest, rump, withers or tail
  • Use pliers or fingers and grasp hair near skin. Jerk out hair. You must have hair follicle. We need 20-40 (re: little bunch of hair)
  • Place goat’s hair into Paper letter-sized or smaller envelope. Seal
  • Write on the envelope: Animal Name, Registration Number (if one), Identification type/characters, DOB, Sample date, Your name
  • Affix the sample to the correct location listed on the Order Form (supplied by IGSCR) or mail to IGSCR.
  • If from another country, an Import Permit will need to be signed by you and attached with the package to the lab


  • You are contracting with IGSCR to test DNA for you. Once the results are back from the lab, you will be sent the results.
  • If you are a member of IGSCR, the results title will be placed on your Registration Certificate to lend more credentials to your animal and Registration.
  • You will pay a discounted rate for testing through IGSCR, as compared to using your personal account
  • IGSCR has a long history of Parental testing with various breeds. Because of this you can feel confident about the ancestry. Also with this, if you are unsure of parentage, ask IGSCR to parent test
  • Knowledgeable on DNA testing… The whys, hows, whats, whens, analysis of results

Breed Analysis:

  • Your goat is tested against various breeds, with no knowledge of what breed you think your goat is. There are twelve breeds to test against (Pygmy, dairy, Kiko, Boer, Spanish Goat)
  • Result is given back of the breeds that are over 10% inclusive in your goat
  • Why over 10% inclusive? Simply because most goat breeds are so new that most breeds are still displaying 10% or less of multiple breeds genetically

Why Test? When to test?

  • Very little or no knowledge of the Officially Registered ancestry. Thus your goat may have breeds not wanted in the breed you believe our goat to be
  • Your goat is thought to be a specific breed, but does not display those characteristics
  • Gives added value to your goat and its Registration Certificate
  • San Clemente Island: If the goat is in the Grade Herdbook then one of the Several criteria to move out of the Grade herdbook is the Breed Analysis. The same for including the goat into the Fullblood herdbook, unless the ancestors are already Breed Analysis test
  • Dairy breeds, to move from the Grade to the American herdbook, ONE OF THE TESTS to move into the American herdbook is the Breed Analysis, to ensure that the goat does not have undesirable breeds for the breed being registered as.

Breed Analysis Testing Myth: A one-stop to moving or placing an animal into a higher Herdbook. This is NOT what the Breed Analysis is for.

How IGSCR uses Breed Analysis testing and moving goats into a Herdbook

  • One of several methods for knowing what Herdbook the animal should be placed into. This test just gives breeds contained within your goat
  • Observing if the goat meets breed standards. Same for any ancestors and siblings if available for observance
  • Measurement of height at withers for estimating if breed standards are being met (if Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf or Miniature breed)
  • Observing several generations of breeding of your goat to ensure the offspring also meet breed standards for that breed