Clear Side view of the animal. No obstructions.

Include type (USDA Approved types: Scrapie, 840 Microchip, Registry approved tattoo) Microchips must either be in the ear cartilage or tail web and an E or ET tattooed in the ear.----- Include ALL the characters of the identification, including herd ID and animal ID. For example Right Ear tattoo and left ear tattoo. If a scrapie tag must include herd prefix ---------- Farm Tags (include if any). However, know that if there is not one of the USDA Identification types above, the animal will not be transferred to your name until legal identification is assigned and hopefully placed physically on animal. Identification is required by USDA and State law with any ownership change. to ensure the animal you are transferring is the actual correct animal to allow USDA to track disease. NOTE: it is illegal for any individual to remove scrapie tags. If there are any changes or additions to Identification of an animal, IGSCR must be notified immediately. Thanks for your help. -------- IGSCR policy requires that at least one USDA approved Identification type is assigned and hopefully placed on the animal. New owner needs to clearly inspect their new animal to ensure the Identification is on their animal.
(If no registration number, type N/A)

(If no Registration Number, type N/A )

If no Registration Number, type N/A

Our DNA project is partnered with UC Davis and members. We are creating much needed Breed Analysis tests Then extensive DNA Markers (profile) and Parentage ----- Alpha Casein to know the cheese output Many folks don't have money to pay for DNA. Your $1.00 donation will help create a fund to help those in need of paying for their DNA. Thanks so much for your help. If you can help in this great work, choose that transfer price when paying for your transfers.
Refer to this Price List for Original Registration Applications.
Refer to this Price List for Renewal Registration Applications.
Transfers give IGSCR the right to transfer your new animal into your name. without this form filled out by either you or the seller, No transfers will be completed. If you are not the former owner, then the Bill of Sale as described above must be attached. and signed by the seller. No exceptions, even for conservation breeds. If this form is not filled out entirely you will be sent a notice of what needs to be completed. Once the Transfer application and documentation are entirely submitted to IGSCR, then the Transfer can be completed by IGSCR. Another example of a transfer by the former owner is the signed transfer on back of animal's registration Certificate. A copy can be attached to the form above. If the former owner acquired this animal or its dam, and does not have proof of ownership, no transfer will be completed on your new animal until this documentation is submitted to IGSCR. This is both USDA law, as well as protection for you and IGSCR. Changes of ownership must be submitted in and out of your herd. If not completed within 60 days of the change of ownership, a late fee will be charged before completion of Transfer. Falsification on transfers will give an automatic suspension or revoking of the transfer.