Farm Name is the name of the Farm who Legally owned dam at time of breeding.
Enter the Registration Number of the Animal from another registry, if this registered with another Official USDA-Approved Registry
If your goat is also registered with another USDA-Approved Registry, the Registration Certificate must be attached.
Natural = dam bred by dam's owner Prenatal = You acquired dam frm anoather person with dam bred (Include a SIGNED-Service Memo from breeder) Artificial Insemination = Artificial Insemination Service Memo required NO EXCEPTIONS DNA Parent testing required through IGSCR account * See Note below Embroy - Embryo Service Memo Required. NO EXCEPTIONS. DNA Parentage testing required through IGSCR DNA account *See Note below *Note: For Artificial Insemination or Embroy birth, we only accept semen from ADGA, AGS, MDGA, TMGR, besides ourself. There must be a copy of the Seme or Embryo Collections Report on IGSCR file (or upload below if from non-IGSCR database). We must have the complete Sire (re semen) or Dam (re Embroy) DNA report for parentage purposes NO Exceptions
Only USDA Approved types may be used (Scrapie Tag, 840 Microchip, IGSCR-approved Herd Tattoo Code assigned to you)
(all types of ID on animal)
See color charts (coming soon)
Clear side photo. Camera should be at level of animal and pointed in middle of belly. Preferable animal's head up.
Enter NUMBER (males) / NUMBER Females (Included deceased babies)
Type breed
Just enter what you believe. We will correct if need be.
If not, then the Service Memo must be submitted prior to registration of offspring
If you did not own the sire at time of breeding, then either a normal Service Memo or AI Service Memo must be attached ** If the dam was the result of an Embryo, then the Embryo Service Memo must be attached ** No Exceptions We only currently accept IGSCR/ADGA/AGS Semen or Embroyos

IGSCR Collections Acceptance Certificate OR Non-IGSCR Collections Report
When your birth type is Artificial Insemination, the sire's complete DNA report must be either submitted here, or on IGSCR file
When Embryo is dam, the dam's complete DNA Report must either be on IGSCR file, or uploaded here.
When the Animal being registered on this application is the Offspring of an Artifcicial Insemination or Embryo, the DNA of the Animal being registered must be submitted here.
Enter the Full Name of the Sire of the Animal (If unknown, enter Not Known)
Enter Registration Number of the Sire for the Animal (If one. If there is none, enter none)
Enter the Full Name for the DAM of the Animal (If unknown, enter Not Known)
Enter the Registration Number for the DAM of the Animal

Enter Member number of the Seller
(###) ###-#### + Extension if Needed

Enter the name of the person who purchased the goat
Purchaser's Member Number - If they are a member then a member number needs to be listed.
Phone Number Plus Extension if Needed
Select the Date the Sale was Made
If Applicant is not the seller, then a signed transfer or bill of sale must be attached here. Bill of Sale/Transfer must contain all the information listed above) No Exceptions ** Transfers are required for sale, trade, give or any type of ownership change. (See our USDA FACT Sheet)

Select Payment Option
• Registration without photo on certificate $7.00
• Registration with photo on Certificate $8.00
• Digital only Registration $6.50
• Youth, $1.00 off (Under age 18)
• Non-Member (Double price)
• Transfer at time of initial Registration $3.50
• Transfer with photo on certificate $4.50
• Standard DNA Registration (Marker) $11.00
• ELITE Registration (DNA parent verified through Grandparents) $16.00
Note: ELITE Registration must qualify. We may or may not have the ancestors in our DNA database
$15 plus regular Registration and Transfer fees
If Rush order, please enter date needed. Note that we cannot guarantee the date, but we will try hard.
1) The registration application is complete once we receive ALL the required information and completed in order received.
2) If information is missing, we will email or snail mail you what is missing. We no longer can complete research for free. We are happy to teach you or assist, but we cannot do it for free. If you would like us to research for you there will be a research fee.
3) If you do not have a Transfer of Ownership for animals you have acquired, that is your responsibility to obtain one. You may go back to the person you purchased from and obtain one.
4) We do reserve the right to revoke Registrations and Transfers WHEN found to have fraudulent information
5) We do reserve the right to insist on parentage testing, if the parent is unknown This is a case by case bases
6) Without Identification and Transfer (where there is a change of ownership), no registrations will be completed received by IGSCR. Application is NOT complete until all information is received. Once all information is received, it application will be completed in order received.
7) If we find any FORMER Registrations completed with Identification & transfers missing, the registrations will be suspended until it is received by IGSCR
8) Are you in a dispute of ownership of the animal? If so, we will NOT process any application or paperwork until the dispute is settled and either the Transfer is signed or Court Judgement are received by IGSCR. NO Exceptions. See Website for explanation.