IGSCR-IDGR and Heritage Breed Registrations

  • Long history (since 1980) of working directly with the Official Registration of the Heritage Breeds
  • Working directly with founding breeders, histories, geneticists to create a well rounded true Conservation Registry platform and database
  • IGSCR (Navajo Angora Registry Division) would like to work with those who have old registration records to bring them into our registry database to aid us all in the true preservation of the Navajo Angora goat.
  • Working to accommodate unique situations and old herds, as well as the conventional Registration naming practices, in order to encompass the true breed records
  • DNA testing available and recommended so that we have the genetic background for accuracy. We already have this testing available
  • Online Searchable database and real-time herd records almost complete with our programmer

The Navajo Nation and our non-Navajo Nation Breeders

Navajo Angora Registry Division (IGSCR) considers

  • Navajo Nation to be the backbone of the Navajo Angora breed. Their expertise, knowledge, and closed herds are glue and rock that hold the breed together in conservation for generations
  • Navajo Angora Registry Division will work directly with the Navajo Nation to register their goats with their systems and create criteria for registrations in general
  • We invite Navajo Nation and ELITE DNA Registration members to be on our registry Board of Advisors
  • Navajo Angora Registry Division considers all breeders to be vital to the preservation of the breed

Application types

  • Membership (allows folks to participate for reduced pricing in the Navajo Angora Registry)
  • Herdname (give each herd their unique Herdname for life and also their unique forms of herd identification on each goat. This is vital so that we can ensure where each goat comes from in our Official Lineages.
  • The Navajo Nation may have their own unique method of naming their goats, which the Navajo Angora Registry will work directly with the Navajo Nation breeders to accommodate.
  • Registration and Transfer Applications
  • Identification Change applications
  • DNA testing applications

Registration Requirements of the Navajo Angora goat

  • Breeder signed-filled out Registration Application (If this is not possible, reach out to us and we can work with you)
  • Transfer applications up-to-date from breeder to owner to owner (we can work with you)
  • USDA-approved Identification (for Navajo Nation we will work with whatever system you use)
  • Clear side photo with head up (remember the photo is part of the identification and goes onto the Registration Certificate)
  • Request DNA hair sample. You choose if you would like to have the Basic, Standard or ELITE Registration type.
  • Required a Mohair sample as soon as possible


  • Fullblood: Directly or totally descended from Navajo Nation
  • Purebred: Those whose mohair matches the correct fiber type and the photos display the correct breed description. Must have Identification on all goats in the lineage, registration applications, transfer applications
  • Grade: They look like a Navajo Angora and their mohair is that of the Navajo Angora. These goats would not have perhaps all their ancestors with Identification, Registration Application or Transfer Applications. RE: something is missing.
  • Experimental: Navajo Angora recent crosses with other breeds

We need to work hard to ensure that crossbred goats do not occur in the Navajo Angora, to ensure purity and preservation of the Navajo Angora for generations to come.

Crossbreeding after the goats are bred as Purebred and Fullblood Navajo Angora does actually change the genetics.

Pricing Purposes

  • To support the Official Database creation and maintenance
  • To aid in DNA testing for those in the breeder community who cannot afford it
  • To preserve the Official DNA Registration Database of the Navajo Angora goat

Registration Pricing

Basic Registration: $7 For Bucks $5.00 (for Does) Transfers: $2 (Breeder requested to submit DNA-hair sample to the IGSCR office with Registration Application)

Standard DNA-Verified Registration Certificate: $7.00 plus Applicant pays for DNA testing $35

ELITE DNA-Verified Registration Certificate: $15 plus Applicant pays for DNA testing $35 (goat must qualify through grandparents)

Non-Members: double pricing

Membership and Herdname Pricing

Basic Membership: $25 Annually $150 Lifetime

Sponsorship Membership:

  • Bronze $30 (Includes Annual Membership)
  • Silver $50 (Includes Annual Membership)
  • Gold $100 (Includes Annual Membership)
  • Diamond $200 (Includes one lifetime Membership)

We encourage folks who can afford to pay for a Sponsorship Membership to pay for this type of membership. The extra funds will go towards the extensive DNA testing and verification that is required for accurate parentage and breed purity. The Sponsorship Membership is a “Pay It Forward” type of membership to help those who cannot afford DNA testing.

We at the Navajo Angora Registry (IGSCR) value accurate records, as we believe this is the basis for the true conservation of a Heritage Breed.

This is a work in progress to bring back the Navajo Angora Registrations.  We would appreciate any old registry records and pedigrees (with permission of use by the registry) to:  igscrreg1@gamil.com
Note: we would need permission to use these old records by the registry who created them, if possible. Also any old applications and photographs.