IGSCR is Blessed

We at IGSCR, LLC are so blessed to have these wonderful knowledgeable staff in our midst. 

We are all a family here at IGSCR

Board of Advisors

We at IGSCR LLC have decided that a Board of Advisors would be a great thing. This way we can obtain more feedback, suggestions,  poll members, etc.  Our Board of Advisors can guide, counsel and advise, to make our registry better for all of us.  They can help give fresh ideas, as well

Founding San Clemente Island Goat BOA

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Mardi Rivetti
Rivetti’s Ranch
Founding purebred herd  





Peggy BooneWe at IGSCR want to give a special thank you to former registry owners/registrars for their great service. Each and every one of them made a huge impact on what our registry is today.  Each one made huge changes and additions to programs. Some are Robert Johnson, Emily Yoder, Melinda Wilson.  Former registry names were The IDGR, IDGR, IDGR-IFBR.


I, Peggy, took over the registry in March 2018. 2018 was a very rocky year with hubby being so sick most of the year and me working employment full-time for 1 1/2 years 6-7 days per week, running the farm/dairy single-handedly and also the registry. Now we are working hard on the registry.

I’ve been a teacher of human genealogy for many years, learn from registrars of 4 different registries how to research and enter accurate pedigrees, correct naming practices, what supporting documents are necessary to have correct registrations, which we can stand behind as a registry.

We at IGSCR are looking forward to working directly with you and your animals. We are truly a family .. IGSCR, Our Team and Our Members. Thank you for standing behind us every step of the way.
~Peggy Boone~








Mardi Rivetti


Founding herd
San Clemente Island goat

Peggy Boone
Owner, Researcher, Registrar
“Here to serve you and your four-legged treasures”



Growing up on a cattle ranch, we raised beef and dairy cattle.  We raised quality ranch horses who would stand behind you through thick in thin.  Our parents taught us to understand conformation and why the conformation should be in a specific way.  We were taught what makes a true dairy animal and how to survive to be self-sufficient.


I’ve always loved human Family History former teaching and Researching Animal Pedigrees. Accuracy is a must!  Sources are a must.  For years, I worked directly with (by asking the hows and whys) with registrars from other registries, to find out how to research for pedigrees and properly enter them into the registry pedigree software.

I love animals and value each and every one of us.

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a rebel.  I’m always one to do the impossible, stand up for the underdog and not necessarily follow convention.  ~Peggy Boone~

Catharina Wadley


Rio Nido

Researcher – History Consultant 


Show Coordinators






IGSCR 4H and Youth Leaders