I, Peggy at IGSCR,  am writer for the Goat Journal.  I come from a line of ancestral writers.   I’ve been told numerous times that I should write for pay about Goats. I would always reply, “I don’t think I know enough.” Then in about October of 2018, Missy Ames of the Goat Journal, approached me to write about the changes to IGSCR (formerly IDGR).  That invitation has started my new passion for writing. I love it. Currently there are a few stories in the works for the Goat Journal, as well as 3 GoFundMe articles.

Mom was a song writer of Country, Country Gospel and Inspirational Songs.  Peggy’s Mom, Shirley, would often say, “When a song comes into my heart, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.  Even if I’m sleeping, I have to get up right then to write the song, or I will lose it.” She was a gifted musician and song writer.  Dad is an excellent poet.  There were times that together, Dad would write the some of Mom’s Lyrics in poetry and mom, would write the music.  My baby sister Mary is a Best Selling Author.  Mary’s books are of the type where one best not start reading if you want to get anything else done for the day.  You can’t put them down. LOL. Her next book is coming soon.

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