We are not veterinarians. This page is only a tool to help you. We can not diagnose your animal. If you have an emergency call your vet. The following is only some helpful hints we have used raising goats for 17 years and counting. 


Often goat raisers find it hard to find a vet who is interested in goats or they have a favorite goat who is sick, but not worth the vet bill. There are things that you can do. Common Symptoms to look for: 

1.Is the goat eating and drinking well or does she seem uninterested in feed? 2.Does she have sours (or diarrhea – healthy goats go berries)? 

3.If you have a thermometer (and I encourage you to have one) check her temperature. Is it normal (100.5 – 103.5 F.), high or low? 

4.Is she staying with the herd or off by herself? 

5. Can she walk around fine or is she weak or unable to rise? 

6.Look in her eyes and at her gums at the color of her mucus membranes. Are they dark pink, light, white or yellow? 

7.Does her breathing seem normal or labored or unnatural? 

8.Is her coat healthy/shinny looking or dull and frizzy?


We will be glad to help you if we can.

Thank you