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IDGR provides personalized, quality, affordable, service.


Premium Quality GoatsPlus we actually raise goats ourselves! So although we may not able to get the phone right away every time during kidding season—we do understand what you may be going through with your goats and we do know goats!

Your IDGR membership includes the right to reserve a herd name and tattoo letters for your exclusive use, regular fees for all services, participation in our award programs for production, and listing on IDGR’s breeder’s directory web page.

In addition, you will receive personal, individual attention when you contact our office. At IDGR you are a name, not a number. We are here to help you all we can whether you have a goat with a confusing paper trail (or no paper trail ) or perhaps a question about a sick goat—just give us a call and we will do our best to walk you through the problem or refer you to where you can get the help you need. IDGR’s office is located near Rydal, GA. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have questions or drop us an email – We will be glad to hear from you and be of service to you. Check back here soon as well. Ongoing updates to our website. 



The IDGR was established in 1980 in Dublin Texas by Bruce Hair as a resource for goat owners wishing to preserve pedigrees of animals not recognized through other registries at the time. In 1982, the IDGR acquired Goats of America, adding many animals to its herdbook. By January 1986, the IDGR had moved to Rossville, GA under the leadership of Robert Johnson who grew the registry as a resource for rare-breed goats and sheep. 

Working with the Minor Breeds Conservancy (now the Livestock Conservancy), the IDGR became the first registry to recognize the Nigerian Dwarf goat, San Clemente Island Goat, Tennessee Fainting Goat, Soay sheep, Jacob sheep, Romeldale CVM sheep, Miniature Nubian, Miniature Alpine (and other mini-dairy breeds), Colored Angora and several other breeds. Over time the IDGR has grown and moved around the country, currently residing in Rydal, GA. 

The years have brought many changes to the IDGR, including a name change to include the growing sheep division. However, our policies and commitment have remained the same. The IDGR-IFBR's primary purposes will continue to be the registration and recording of goats/sheep, the provision of pedigree information from the registry's files, the encouragement and promotion of goats/sheep and goat-keeping, and advocating for better breeding. We are proud that the IDGR-IFBR is the only registry that registers or records any and every type of goat/sheep, and the only registry that is willing to open herdbooks for additional breeds and types of goats and sheep should the need arise. In addition, the directors are always willing to offer advice and help with problems. We seek, and welcome, suggestions on how the IDGR-IFBR can be of better service to goats, sheep, and their owners and breeders.