A Huge Huge Country Welcome to You as you Join  or Continue to be Part of our

International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry Family

 Are you a breeder or owner who is frustrated and looking for a place where your precious animals can be valued and treasured and not having to worry about politics and closed herd books? 

Well, you aren't alone.....


IGSCR Member/Herd Tattoos are now Officially Approved by the USDA. We will be listed on USDA website

We are in the process of adding another registrar.  We find that we are beyond what just one registrar can do.  Thanks in advance for your patience, as we get our 2nd registrar set up.

Please know that unless you pay for express registrations, all registrations are on a 1st come first served basis, as with any registry.

If you require fast turn around, then the payment for Express Speed registrations needs to be paid. The reason is so that we are not jumping ahead of other member's registrations.

Accurate Registrations:

We at IGSCR offer DNA Marker (individual animal fingerprint) and DNA Parentage testing at a rate of $30/test plus postage of $1.25/test (animal).  You do not have to do these tests currently unless we do not know who the parents are. If that is the case, we request that you submit DNA Parentage to test through the registry account.  If such tests are done, then the animal will be marked as follows on their registration certificate

Animal name *DNA(Ma) or *DNA(Pa)

Once we get the DNA Parentage test created for Nubians and Nigerian Dwarf (later other breeds), then you may submit any of those breeds for testing. This will bump your 0% Grades up to a higher herdbook. More information on this.

We are super careful to create accurate pedigrees and Registration Certificates.  If you aren't able to obtain the required information required for registration purposes, we will obtain permission from you to do the research for you at a rate of $10/hr plus any purchases necessary. We would have a special contract with you for that purpose.  Happy to help out.

Purchasing Animals:

When purchasing animals, obtain a Bill of Sale/Transfer from the seller to you.  Obtain all of the information you can get such as pedigree, copy of registration certificates of parents, Date of Birth, number of males and females in the birth (this type of information that is available).  Note that if you purchase an animal who has been transferred multiple times, without having the transfers done at the registry, all the transfer fees would need to be paid for.  This is for filing costs. Thanks for your understanding.  (Note: Some special rules apply to San Clemente Island goats)


  • We do not give refunds on membership and herd names.  Herd names belong to you for a lifetime, unless you relinquish it. Same with your tattoo and other permanent herd Identification
  • Refunds are not given because an animal dies. That is a farm situation and not something that registries can give refunds for
  • If registrations sent in with little or no information, and if we do not already have the pedigree/registration for ancestors in our database there are two types of certificates that can be issued. 1) All breeds except for San Clemente Island would get a Recorded Grade certificate 2) For San Clemente Island goats, Certificate of Identification will be given.  For both situations, one required information is obtained, then you will be notified so that you can pay the normal fee for a Registration Certificate.  The Registration Certificate will then be sent to you.  If you have purchased an animal with little or no information, please contact the IGSCR office to see if we have information.  We do not issue refunds because registration applications are sent in with no data.  Its important that every application is sent in with the required information, as much as possible (more on registration application page).  Just a side note, however, is that we are working with a lab to create a Breed Purity test for Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf. So once we finish this test, you will  be able to send in hair samples to the lab to see if your goat (with unknown pedigree) is showing as the breed you feel it is.

Thanks for your understanding:

Because we are one of the smaller registries, our IGSCR officers and staff all have outside employment or farms.  We strive to be fast and we are here to serve you and your animals.  Thanks so much for your understanding.



Guess What... IGSCR Is In the News

We sure are in the news. Its exciting! View our first published Article in the Goat Journal
Here is a small clip of the Article:

Changes to The IDGR

Now Called the IGSCR, the Registry Keeps Many of The Same Valuesby Peggy BooneThe International Dairy Goat Registry has been a vital resource to goat and sheep producers for over 30 years. Now the IDGR is under new ownership and transitioning through exciting changes.Began in 1980 by Bruce Hair in Texas, it addressed problems he saw arising with other organizations: more concentration on showing and less on the true value and quality of goats. Prices rose while owners and breeders were unable to record the values of animals that could withstand the tests of time and harsh lives. So Bruce began the Registry to more fully and accurately meet the needs of goat owners and to lower prices.


Our Beginnings

Many years ago there were breeders and owners of goats who had no place to keep their precious animals' pedigrees were seeking such a place. Think of how it would be if you yourself had no home... no place to go to be loved and treasured and valued...

It was just this way with some of the breeds such as the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats; newly imported from West Africa.

The Nigerian Dwarf was brought from West Africa as food for big cats on ships.  However, there were goat lovers at the time who recognized that these little West African Dwarf goats were a special type of goats. There were two types...

         o  the larger version which is the forerunner of the current African Pygmy

         o  a smaller version which was distinctly different from the Pygmy type.  It is this smaller imported type who were the forerunners of what we now call the Nigerian Dwarf

There was no place to register the smaller version of West African Dwarf.  They were rejected by another registry because they were "different".  Yet they both came from West Africa...Much research was done and thus Bruce Hair started The IDGR in 1980 in a great service to serve these breeders and owners who were seeking a place to register their special unrecognized animals

Even today, we have a few herds who were newly imported from West Africa, who are likely of a different lineage than the ones we have as our current Nigerian Dwarf lineages. 

Bruce and more current registry owners have a firm belief that every animal should have a home... a place where they can be registered, traced, have the same programs as other animals.   The IDGR has and still has the belief that all animals are of value.

Over the years, there were other goat owners who were looking for a place to register their animals who had no place to keep their records. Some of these include

         o  San Clemente Island Goat

         o  Tennessee Fainting Goat

         o  Soay sheep, Jacob sheep

         o  Romeldale CVM sheep

         o  Miniature Nubian

         o  Miniature Alpine (and other mini-dairy breeds)

         o  Colored Angora

Not Without Struggles and Trials
As breeders and owners, we still continue to search for a place

o  To Register and keep the records of our goats, sheep and camelids who have no place with other registries or who are rare breeds

o  A place where our precious animals are valued and given the same chances and opportunities as others

Who has records back to the beginnings of the breed you raise, so that you can more fully understand what benefits and qualities your chosen breed holds?

o  Who isn't into all the politics

o  Where herd books are not closed to new lineages

o  Where you can create a new breed

I,  myself am a Nigerian Dwarf breeder and owner.  My first little friends were two unpedigreed Nigerian Dwarf does (Ethel and Thumbolina) and one Nigerian Dwarf doe (Lucy) whom I had to go after her pedigree and get her registered.  This is how I was introduced to IDGR (now International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry).  It held a special place in my heart then and it still does now. I see this registry as a little different

What IGSCR has and will continue to be known for....

o Open Herd Books, so that you can breed up your animals to purebred status. We believe this to be vital in the stability of our breeds

o We work with you one on one for your needs

o Unique milk test and registry of Merit program

o Show program coming soon, along (should be up within the year, so please get your photos and video ready)

o New Breed creation

o 4H and youth program

We at International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry are dedicated digging deep into the pedigrees where those pedigrees exist to give you accurate records of our animals.  We are dedicated to going to the beginnings of the pedigree of your animal where you wish it, to determine what percentage of that breed your animal actually is.

We are dedicated to keeping our herd books open and accepting grade animals. Why? Because there are still many unrecognized lineages who hold very valuable and precious potential to our breeds.  We also recognize that for various reasons, animals have gone unregistered perhaps due to financial reasons, death of owner/breeder (and thus records are lost).  Many of these animals are just as purebred as the recorded purebred, as can be seen in their offspring generation after generation, without nary an offspring who does not conform to breed standards.

We will continue to accept new breeds, as well, because this is the basis of how all breeds were created.

We are dedicated to continuing to add new programs to give opportunities to build and improve our herds and genetics, as well as to create opportunities to enjoy and have fun with our little pets.  Whether your goal is dairy, fiber, pet in your animals, there is a place in our heart for you and your animals.


We are very excited

... to see the IDGR grow in its new location and direction.  We can't wait to work with all of you. We are continually working to expand the information on our website, as well as services to help you. If you have any ideas, please let us know! We would love to help you in any way, just give us a call or write to us if you have any questions or concerns. Keep in mind, we are often in the fields with our own 4 legged charges, so reception may be spotty at times!

... As we continue, we are now named International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry and based out of Utah....  We still have the same great goat... to serve you and your precious animals as part of our growing family...



IDGR is under new management.  We want to extend a huge thank you to the former IDGR owners.  Great great job!  Thank you Emily and Malinda, Robert, Bruce.

..... Now as we move forward....

In an effort to get current Membership, Herd Name and Herd tattoo codes updated, please send us your info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Your Name and current member number

*Type of membership (annual, 3 year, Junior, Lifetime), when you paid and when it expires

* Herd Name and Herd Tattoo code

* Type of animals you raise

* Do you want to be in the Membership Directory?  If so, what do you want to say?  ie/ your name, herd name, description, contact you desire, websites etc?

Thanks so much to those who have already done so...

Programs Coming soon

  • Pedigree Search
  • Conformation Evaluation

International Goat, Sheep and Camelid Registry Motto

"Supporting Breeders World Wide with an Open Door policy, Creation of New Breeds and Supporting profitable and proficient production of livestock".

We truly are committed to helping breeders breed for the best and to keeping the breeds pure and separate. IDGR-IFBR has many safeguards in place to ensure the purity of the breeds and conformation to their respective breed standards.

We extend to You a great Invitation and Heartfelt Welcome to our IGSCR Family. We are a family and work together to help each other.


2019 Tattoo Letter is:


Our Team

Meet our hard working IGSCR Team.  We are hear to serve you and your goats, sheep and camelids

Registrar * Researchers* Judges*Web Designer *


Special Programs

Herd Management and Better Breeding Programs

 Milk Testing (Unique)

Our milk test program is totally unique to other programs. Its been highly researched and was implemented many years ago, updated in 2018.

  • Tired for each breed type and age group
  • 305 Day, 30-day, Extended Lactation, Butterfat, Lifetime
  • Twice a Day and Once a Day milking
Registry of Merit

Do your does and bucks produce easy unaided normal births?

Can your does raise their young to 60 days without much aid?

Many can't in today's world. In a world that is fast requiring us to be self-sufficient, these traits are super important.

Your does and bucks will be rewarded if they can do this. Its a great herd management tool

DNA Project

We at IGSCR are pleased to announce our new registry account for submitting DNA for your goats and sheep.  Send us your DNA and payments and we will run the samples through our registry account. The more we put through our account, the cheaper our rates.

Why DNA?

  • With DNA Parentage, we can prove our pedigrees, which is invaluable?
  • It can also show different genetic defects, which we may want to breed out of our herds.
  • Alpha-S1 Casein which shows the ability for good cheese output
  • Scrapie Susceptibility

Why use IGSCR account?

  • cheaper rates if we lump our DNA tests together
  • We keep UC Davis case numbers, animal's name and report the result.  With this, animals don't have to be tested again and again
  • We keep a database of any hair samples pulled for future testing by our members. This is an invaluable tool, as animals die and are sold. Thus often no DNA is available.

If you would like to be one of our IGSCR DNA Coordinators, please let us know.

Farm Pedigree Data Entry to Pedigree Software

We find that often times farms don't have time or knowledge to enter their farm Pedigrees, matings, kiddings, show awards, milk information on paper and/or pedigree software.

Having your records digitally is very useful

Show Programs

4H and Youth Program

We want to extend an invitation to our youth, as they learn about animals, showing, and other classes.

If your youth is in 4H, we will give their goats a special award for their wins.

We plan to host an online set of shows this year for the youth in a few different classes, as well.

Special awards to our 2018 4H winners went out in 2018. 

Lets give a round of applause to our 4H children and their goats

Rustic Country Mocha Latte received one leg towards  4HCH title.  Mocha Latte's handler received recognition for her other 4H achievements

Hidden Treasures Little Angel received one leg towards4HCH

Recognition for a job well done at fair:
Diamond K5 Itsa Oakie Princess 1st(age class) &RSGC
Diamond K5 Yakky Doodle 2nd
(age class) & 3rd (breed Nigerian class out of 8
Diamond K5 Packn Moonshine 4th (age class)

Lisa and IGSCR say,

Proud of the peewee kids and them showing this year.

Here are some photos from 2018 4H and youth program

If you would like to be one of our 4H & Youth Coordinators, let us know

Coming soon.. Online Show


Ah yes.. we are making HUGE progress.  Our show program should be up and running soon!

We are working on our show program. Hoping for our 2nd online show early this ear. Thanks to one of our judges Regina, who is working on our scorecard. She is a highly trained judge and long-time goat/animal owner. Thanks so much, Regina.

Take your clear photos.  With all but the topical photo, please stand at goat's level, not above the goat.

Show poses

  • full side (point camera at middle of the belly)
  • Front
  • Rear
  • If doe in milk, we need full udder fore and rear shot

Un-set up

  • Full side

Movement Video (if at all possible. Can just use our cell phone, ipad or whatever. Just a small little video clip)

A short video of walking (side, rear and front)

Echo Hill's SG Archie, getting set for E-show. This shows a setup side pose correctly photographed.

If interested in being our Show Coordinator? Please let us know

Live Shows

Huge Progress

This year we are bringing back live shows.  To set up your live shows, or have current shows in your area sanctioned IGSCR, please contact our office.

Northern Dawn Apache where he won two championship legs, first time off the farm.

We look forward to having our show program going this year.

If you would like to be our Live Show coordinator, please let us know.