Feel free to add as many milk test options as you would like.  Then we will give each female the awards that she qualifies for.  Also if you would like to flag me to see if any of the female's parents/grandparents qualify for milk award, enter the dame or sire in the comments section and ask for me to check our records to see if dame or sire qualify for generational milk award.

Note about 305 Day testing.  It can be either Dairy Herd Improvement or Barn Records.  If you choose Barn Records, then you have the option of weighing the milk per milking or just on one day per month.  

  • DHI - Formulated milk amounts via DHI offices
  • Barn Records - you weigh the milk and record with each milking (Actual correct milk)
  • Barn Records - You record only the milk weights of a single day once per month (formulated milk amount)


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