IDGR Milk Production and Butterfat Awards for Dairy Goats


The following awards will be made to any doe who is registered or recorded with IDGR and who has met the specified necessary requirements, verified by either DHI records or approved barn records as recorded by the IDGR office(for details on any of the below see IDGR’s publication – Milk Testing Requirements). 


IDGR has 4 groups that awards are given in. Experiments are given awards in the group that they are the closest to or if 50% between-group whichever one has the higher requirement.


Swiss Group - Alpines, Oberhasli, Saanens and Toggenburgs; including Purebreds, Americans and Grades 


N/L Group - Nubians and LaManchas, including Purebreds, Americans and Grades. 


M/D Group - All miniature dairy breeds: Purebreds, Americans and Grades & Experimentals. 


P/D Group - Pygmies and Nigerian Dwarves: Purebreds, Americans and Grades. 


Awards are given for:


     Volume of milk 

          Standard 305 day test milk is weighed each day 

          30-day milk test 

          One day test 

          Lifetime production



          Butterfat produced in 305 days 

          Butterfat produced in 30 days 


     Lactation length 

          For goats who milk for extended periods 



Milk Testing Requirements 

Application for Barn Testing