IDR-IFBR is currently working on both an online and live show program and a linear appraisal program. If you would like to be involved in helping us get these programs off the ground, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Show - Pressing Forward

Many of you have expressed ah interest in shows; both online and live.  We are working on updating our show program currently.  We have actually done an online dairy goat show a few years ago. we had awesome response. Soon we will be showing results for you to view.  We also have one IDGR judge and working on getting more.  View our judges..  Our judges will go through a judges training, unless previously certified.


We are also working on our Championship titles too.  Stay tuned.


Live shows:

If you would like to sanction a live show, please email us and we can help you set it up.

Have you shown in live shows before and have results?  Let us know your results. Would you like those results to be posted on our website (IF IDGR goats)?


Online  Shows

Why an online show? These shows can be made as much like a live show as possible through the use of movement videos, a photo of 'non-setup show pose' along with show poses.  In live shows there is biosecurity risk.  Also with the rising price of gas or job restraints etc, its always easy to get to a show.  Online shows are an awesome way to have access to world wide animals to show agains, customize the show, etc.


We did an online show using certified judges.  You can browse to see kind of how we did it in 2012.  We plan to set it up differently from now on, using a few different photos and a small movement video if a member is able to create one.  but this 2012 will give you some idea.



Conformation Evaluation

ADGA performs conformation evaluation under the name of Linear Appraisal.  American Goat Society uses the name Classification.  We at IDGR will use Conformation Evaluation.


So what is conformation evaluation?  

A qualified evaluator will look at your animal by itself and compare your animal to the breed standard and Score Card.  Any certified judges that I have spoken with are unanimous in their saying that the best way to know the good points and places of needed improvement in your animal is Evaluation over show.  


Why would you want to do a conformation evaluation?

  • In shows you don't get a written statement of the assessment of your animal's conformation faults and good points
  • Your show winnings are only as good as the animals in the rng
  • you don't get to talk with the judge, as that is not ethical.
  • Both show and evaluation are great programs. However, Evaluation is one-on-one with you, your animal and the evaluator... goat against the score card. This is where we really learn about the conformation of our animal.

IDGR is in the process of creating a great online evaluation that will mimick a live evaluation as much as possible.


I had a few demo Conformation Evaluations done by a certified evaluator.  Take a look to gain more understanding of what the program will yield.