About DNA Testing

So why is DNA vital?  Often in most breeds we have ancestors who are lost or a bunch of sires escape and we have no clue who the sire of the offspring is. DNA testing can also be used to test for the amount of likely cheese output for dairy animals. There also DNA tests for specific genetic defects

We are using UC Davis as our test lab, here at IGSCR,LLC

Types of Tests

  • Markers [all breeds] (Markers are the genetic fingerprint of the specific animal. The Marker is the DNA that is used for all other testing types)

  • Parentage [all breeds] (This shows what parentage are the DNA tested likely parent of an offspring.  Parentage testing is free, once the possible parent's DNA Markers are on file with UC Davs
  • Purity (Breed) Nubian & Nigerian Dwarf ONLY (This test is still in its infancy.  IGSCR believes that because of the many Purebred and American animals who go unregistered, there should be tests for this.  We now have a test for American Nubians and Americanized Nigerian Dwarf. We hope to have a West African Dwarf (version of Nigerian Dwarf soon, too. This test does NOT say that the animal is purebred, but it gives a number level of purity and also shows if there are other breeds in the animal's DNA.  IGSCR had UC Davis create this test. After UC Davis used DNA for American Nubians and American Nigerian Dwarf, we through in known crossbreds to see if the test 'kicked out' those crossbreds. It did exactly what we had hoped for.)  Again, this Breed Purity test is ONLY for Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf
  • Alpha Casein [all breeds] (https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/alphas1.php  This result shows how the cheese output will be)
  • G6S (Defect)    (This is for Nubian and Nubian crosses https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/G6S.php)
  • Free Martin   [all breeds]  (https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/freemartin.php)


Testing Prices with IGSCR, LLC

  • Markers $31.25/sample (if you create your own account with UC Davis and check International Dairy Goat Registry in the AFILLIATE box), then you pay $30/test
  • Alpha Casein, G6S, Free Martin $15/test (we believe)
  • Parentage (free if your goats' markers are already in the system)

If you want to test your goats, please contact us. Remember the more DNA Markers we have in the system, the more we can have accurate registrations and prove our animal records.  Also if we all use the IGSCR UC Davis account or the Affiliate link, then we can continue to obtain our discounted rates for testing.

Search Animals Tested or Ready to be Tested

We at IGSCR, LLC believe that it is vitally important for our members to allow them to search out what animals are tested and what ones we have DNA ready for testing. 


Herds Tested, for your reference

Herd Names


Northern Dawn Nigerian Dwarf, Miniature Nubian, Nubian
  Nigerian Dwarf
Warm Springs

Kratzer Diamond J Farm Lindsey Farm Mack Brin Farms Miller Park Zoo  Rooster Run Homestead Willow Valley Farms
San Clemente Island



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