Why Register Goats of unknown ancestry? 

The initial registration is a beginning point, a point of departure, as well as a descriptive document that identifies the referenced animal. Keeping track of pedigree information is a very valuable tool both for you as the breeder and for those who will buy or latter inherit your herd in making informed breeding, culling and purchasing decisions. All pedigrees start somewhere and just because a goat has no known pedigree does not mean that animal has nothing to offer the goat breeding world. Many goats of unknown ancestry have many traits and or genes that would strengthen their breed. 

Bucks and does may be admitted to the Grade herdbook. If little or no information is available on a goat’s ancestry, or if the ancestors were not registered, the goat can be recorded as a Grade. Submit an application indicating which breed the animal resembles and a photograph along with all available background information on the animal, including transfers of ownership, if known. If the animal conforms to breed standards for its age and gender but has no registered ancestors, it will be entered in the Grade herdbook as Recorded By Appearance (RBA). 

The offspring of an RBA animal and a purebred animal will be recorded as 50% (1/2) Grade. The offspring of a 50% (1/2) Grade and a purebred will be recorded as 75% (3/4) Grade, and the next generation 87.5%(7/8) may, if they continue to conform to the breed standard, be entered into the American herdbook. Therefore, through the use of purebred bucks, an RBA animal’s descendants may eventually enter the American herd book if they have proven themselves to be of appropri­ate type through several generations of progeny. An American doe bred to a purebred buck will produce 93.75%(15/16) American offspring. By continuing the process of breeding American does to purebred bucks, the next generation will be 96.87%(31/32) American, and the next generation 98.43% (63/64) wi1l become eligible for entry into the purebred herdbook. Pictures are required for all Grade registrations. 

Not sure what breed your goat resembles? Try having an experienced breeder in the area look at it or send in a photo to IDGR and we will help you. 

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