We are happy to assist breeders in the development of their new goat or sheep breed. To get started, please contact the IDGR office to open a new herdbook. 

**Note: this does not apply to the development of Miniature Dairy Goats. Please see our Miniature Dairy Goat Requirements for a description of breed development

All crosses used in the development will be registered as Experimental until the desired characteristics are produced. Once an animal is produced that conforms to the desired breed standard, it will be registered in the American herdbook for its breed. The next three generations will be registered in the American herdbook for the new breed. Offspring after the third generation that conforms to the breed standard will then be placed in the Purebred herdbook. 

To open a new herdbook for your developing breed you will need:

  1. Your goal- a description of your breed standard (there is a process to adjust this breed standard later, please be as detailed as possible).
  2. A brief explanation of why you are developing this breed (i.e. to produce multipurpose meat and dairy goat that has a high twin/triplet rate, etc)
  3. The breeds you propose to cross to establish this breed (this can change as the breed is developed, but we will need to keep track of it as it changes)
  4. Proposed breed name (can be changed at a later date, but we need a working name for record-keeping)