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Registering your Herdname affords you exclusive rights to your herd name for life.  ... It is always yours ....  Also your Herd Identification is always yours....

All kids conceived from a doe you own at time of conception, will carry your herd name.

Included in your herdname registration is the right to register a herd tattoo prefix (to be placed in the right ear) and/or your scrapie Herd ID and/or National Pin Number for Microchip  to be used to identify kids born on your farm. 

Did you know that by Federal Law that any goat or sheep that is taken off of your property for any reason must have at least one of three forms of Permanent Identification on the animal?  Those include:

By Federal Law an animal's herd of origin information must be kept by registries and individuals

If you don't already have your Scapie Herd ID or you want to use microchips, then Call 866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824). It only takes a few minutes to complete.  You don't have to have your herd set up with Scrapie, but it is a good idea to do so.  If you sell in an auction or take your goats to a Butcher Shop, they must have Scrapie tags on them.  Many times if you are selling out of state, scapie tags are required.

Don't forget to pay for your Herd Name


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