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As with any registry First Come First Serve, If you require faster service. Express delivery fees may apply. Contact us if required.

Note: Other restistrations maybe submitted before your request.

Pictures are required on all goats being registered.

  • Clear Side Picture - Camera at the level of Goat,
    Pointed at the middle of the belly.

Try to get a fairly close up picture in good focus and with relatively good lighting. Try to avoid taking pictures when the goat is scrunched up, struggling to get away or running. Do not edit your pictures! (except for rotation) Any pictures that show any signs of having been edited or photo-shopped will not be accepted! 

Documents Required:

  • If Sold Transferred or given away.  Bill of sales required.
  • If another breeders buck was used. Service memo is required.
  • If semen was used. AI Sevice menu and DNA Parentage is required.
  • If Possible multiple parents. Requested to have DNA Parentage. Contact us for more information.
  • If animal or parents are registered by another registry. Need to have a copy of the registration certificate.

Transferring from another Registry:

Overheight (Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, Miniature Breeds ie/ crossed with Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy)

  • If overheight Then we may place the animal in a different herd book from the other registry had them listed.
  • If overheight for minis, then MNH will be listed on the certificate and it takes 3 generations to breed that out of the animal to move to a higher herd book value.
  • Overheight: Nigerian Dwarf or Pigmy. Will have an H on Certificate and it takes  3 generations to breed the H out of the animal to move to a higher herd book value.
  • Try to obtain Heights of parents and grandparents
  • If the animal does not conform to breed standards. (Same as above)

Permanent Identification

  • Federal law requires that all goats having microchip or tattoo be accompanied by registration certificate if moved off of your property for any reason
  • Federal law requires sale at auction barns or taken to slaughterhouses have a scrapie tag


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