New - Registering multiple animals?

Check out our new Flock/Herd application for registering multiple animals at once (see printable applications below). Please remember to send photographs where applicable and to label each photograph individually.

Thank you for your patience.  We are still in the process of completing old registrations from previous to our taking over the registry. It is a  huge undertaking.

Also completing registrations is often a tedious task and very often comes with a large amount of data entry and research. Sometimes registrations may be done fast and easy. Often times they take time and a lot of research to complete.

We also have a farm and dairy off our own….

Your patience is appreciated.  Correct information on your certificates and pedigrees is of great importance to us 


Please note: 

Our New Payment option and Address

Our new online payment option 

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To Mail in Your Payment

Make check/money order payable to:

International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry
          c/o Peggy Boone
          PO Box 462
          Goshen Utah 84633


Registration Applications:

Form Fill -

Sent To Our Email Address:

For Printable PDF Applications -

Please Use The Following Links:

 Application for Membership

 Application for Herdname Registry

 Application for Registration-Goats

 Application for Registration- Sheep

Application for Registration- South American Camelid

 Application for Flock/Herd (Group application)

 Milk Test Application- Goat

 Milk Test Application- Sheep

 Registry of Merit Progeny Report (Form PRS-1)

 Bill of Sale- Transfer of Ownership

 Stud Service/Breeding Memo

 Milk Test Barn Record Sheet (Form MBR-1)