DNA Card Results 

Goat Name: BrierWood EmberBreed: San Clemente IslandPhoto
DNA Titles: DNAMaDNA Tests: MarkersResults: 
Sire Name (test proven): Dam Name (test proven): Pedigree File: 
If Not tested, is sample pulled? Where is untested Sample? 


Importance of DNA Markers

  • Without markers on a goat, no other DNA tests can be performed.  
  • The more DNA we pull and have in our database, the more likely we are to be able to match parents and offspring
  • Your goat’s DNA could be the Clincher that solves your neighbors goat’s pedigree block


  • DNAMa -> Marker
  • DNAPa -> Parentage
  • DNAAc -> Alpha Casein
  • DNAPu – Purity (Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf


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