Milk Test Results


Lac No = Lactation Number
DIM = days in milk
OAD = once a day milking  TAD = twicea day
SCC = Somatic cell count 
Butterfat and protein whole numbers are pounds of butterfat. 
Red Award Font = IGSCR-IDGR  Blue Award Font = MDGA Award

  Highest Awards: AR2*DMF-Y/AR3*D Pedigree: ND_Sally_Fields_5Gen

Doe Name:  Northern Dawn Sally Fields

Purebred: 100%

Breeder/Owner: Northern Dawn

Group: P/D Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Freshening Age  Freshening Date Lac No DIM OAD TAD
Milk Pounds Butterfat Protein SCC
Type of Test Awards
3.03 01/13/2014 1 305 TAD
720 5.4%/39 4.1%/42 2.74
760 42 34  
Butterfat (AR) AR2*MF-Y/AR2*D

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