Are you a breeder or owner who is frustrated and looking for a place where your precious animals can be valued and treasured, a place where you won’t have to worry about politics and closed herd books? Well, you aren’t alone …  

Official Status of Registration Certificates and Registry Pedigrees

Registrations are official records. We work very carefully with owners and breeders to directly obtain source documents to back up registrations. For official records, including pedigrees, come to registries.


IGSCR Member/Herd Tattoos are now Officially Approved by the USDA and listed on the USDA website.
Production Testing
— IGSCR Production Supreme program shows excellence in dairy as well as aiding breeding and herd management.
Production Award — Breed Leader with highest in each milk category/level will be selected each year.
Production — We would love to have you join us in our Production Testing. You can do the Registry of Merit (if your does/ewes give birth and raise their young easily) or one of our various milk testing programs. If you choose not to do the Production Supreme program, we would still love to have you. Our testing programs are unique, to truly aid in better herd management and better breeding.
4H and Youth Show — Two years ago we have added our youth and 4H project. When your youth win awards showing their goats, have your Show Secretary or your Leader send me a letter stating your win, the name/location of your show, the judge’s name, your show coordinator’s name. We will give you a registry certificate, as well as if our goat/sheep wins a Grand Champion, the goat will receive one leg towards Permanent 4H or YCH title.
DNA Testing — Begun in 2019, our DNA Testing program includes DNA Markers (genetic identity of your animal), Parentage, Alpha Casein, Genetic Defects, Breed Analysis for Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian. Our testing for Markers is $31.25, a $10 savings off regular price. When you test with us, you will receive your actual lab report. It is yours.
Conservation Program — Through the aid of IGSCR Members and The Livestock Conservancy, we have created a program to register San Clemente Island Goats, an endangered species. The program also includes aids in finding and improving the breed.

Become a Member, Give a Gift, Sponsor a Program, Thank Our Sponsors

Today is a good day to become an IGSCR Member. Your membership supports the registry work, record keeping, plus website maintenance.

You can purchase an E-Gift Card and give to a friend or loved one. These E-Gift Cards are redeemable in our online store. Your recipient need only enter Gift Card Coupon Code at checkout to activate their gift. Whatever amount you gifted will be taken off their purchase.

Becoming a Sponsor is easy. Browse our IGSCR Programs and choose one that speaks to you, such as:

• Historic Registries Digitization of old records.
• DNA Testing Fund to create DNA Markers and Parentage for those members who are unable to pay the fees.
• Breed Analysis creation.

When you Become a Sponsor, you can take pride in seeing these projects come to fruition. You have our sincerest appreciation for your support.

Please thank those who have sponsored us in the past, we are understandably proud of Our Sponsors.